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Am writing…

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2015-09-30 16.41.22

I still #am writing but alas
have lagged behind in NaNoWriMo word counts…

But my story still surges on, which is
ultimately, the most important thing to me.

I am thankful for taking on the challenge.
It has inspired me to write, write, and write more
instead of waiting for another day
(you know, the “tomorrow zone”)

Today = Writing

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I’m focused, I’m ready…

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nanowrimo-word-cloudPlanning through the past few weeks for Na No Wri Mo, National Novel Writing Month, this November. Feels great to finally have the time to focus. For me it’s now or never with stories I have. One in particular has been begging to be written, so I’m focused, I’m ready…

nanowrimo_desktop_calendar_by_pixiesailor-d31if90So if any of you fellow readers and writers have signed up and are all-in for the challenge this year let me know.

Join me as a buddy, pen name MichelleG-83, if you’d like.

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On a bit of vacation from The Wit Continuum for November, due to the National Novel Writing Month challenge I’m giving myself, among other things du jour…

50,000 words
30 Days
1667 words a day

Wish me luck…

I post some updates and you can catch me more at Wit+Beauty for some philosophical quotes to inspire life and beauty to please the eye.

It’s Official….

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It’s official. I completed the 50K  last night and it feels so good! It was a nice challenge and truly made this month go so fast. Now, before you know it, Christmas will be haunting us, my second favorite time of year. (summer is first.)

My novel is not done, however. So I’m going on with it, keeping up the 2,000 or so words a day it will take to complete it, which may take a week or two.  This challenge gives you the knowledge that you can set the time and do it. Novels don’t just happen one night. They take countless hours of writing time, brainstorming time, research, interviews if necessary…not to mention rewrites (which I so dread, but am feeling up for the challenge now more than ever.)

Someone recently said to me anyone can write a book.  I tried not to bop him on the head with the 548 page book I was looking at at the time. Really? I said. What makes you think that?  This, from a guy who reads zilch as far as novels go, zilch as far as non-fiction goes, unless of course it’s some money-making quick lick book. He knows someone who published a novel, self-published, so he’s under the impression that anyone can do it.  Any one can publish their book, I guess, but is it a book worth publishing?  That’s the question.  I sure hope mine is…I have a feeling.

Congratulations to all who participated, winning or not. I hope the challenge made you learn something about yourself as a person and as a writer.

Seriously…who needs a drink?

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Seriously…anyone need a drink? I must say, after the past few days I’m in dire need. So this is a bit of a NaNo writing update. Suffered major setbacks with my story this weekend, and performed the bloodiest un-necessary surgery on my story, yes, during the first draft, and pulverized about 2000 words from my word count. How does tequila sound?

I have this problem, even though I don’t consider myself a highly dysfunctional perfectionist, I can’t stand when something is sitting there all wrong…it paralizes my momentum, and subsequently, when this flaw dawned on me, I could not longer write my story. …So I went in, with the delete-key blade and performed surgery. I ended up being satisfied by Sunday night, but the word count made me flinch.  On Monday, I officially wrote nothing. I just couldn’t recover my love, my feeling, my passion.  I started thinking…switch to short stories, start something else, re-write some more fairy tales, write 20 pages of “you suck”, copy some other novel, what ever.  Instead, the day really paid off, because as these fruitless thoughts did their rampage through my brain, I realized that what I was doing was good, maybe exceptionally good, and that with some editing (later–yes!) it could be publishable.  So I dove in on Tuesday and banged out nearly 3200 words, tied up the loose ends from post surgery trauma, and infused the story with some nice intrigue and mystery set ups.  I hope. I may be waving my own freak flag, but hey, sometimes we have to give ourselves our own thumbs up too! Right? 

On top of this, handling those nasty comments from this weekend (on Nip Tuck Scene post from last week, if you didn’t catch it) on this very fine blog which I love, love, love and refuse to retire from, didn’t help my writing situation, but it did spur my courage to push on no matter what people, I mean assholes with assholes, say about me personally or professionally. The use of the c-word pushed me over the edge a bit, not that I lost one bit of sleep over it, but it made me wonder: How could some nice girl, from a nice town, with nice intentions,  nicely share her opinions as she has a right to,  not asking for any money to do it,  is always willing to engage in constructive thoughts and other’s opinions, even if they differ from hers,  and nicely share some eye-candy with those she cares about,  end up being called such a word as the c-word??? 

It makes one wonder…

Pushing on through with the National Novel Writing Month of November.  It truly has become a memorable one. I think I’ll have that drink now.

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