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  Oh Betty…. Ready for the final season of Mad Men….

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Vintage Munster… Yvonne De Carlo…

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As Lily Munster, 1964. TV show, The Munsters


Vintage beauty… Yvonne De Carlo, 1940


Clearly Sherlocked….

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clearly sherlockedYes, I am Clearly Sherlocked.  So ready for Season 3 premier of BBC’s Sherlock series tonight on PBS… 9:58 pm baby!

I must confess, I watched the first episode of new season online, but that will not hinder the Sherlock party plans. Plus, if you are a fan of this show you already know, you have to watch at least a second time to catch all the cleaver dialogue that leaves this man’s mouth.  Oh, and of course, he faked the fall…and you find out how. Don’t miss the first few minutes. Mind blowing and fun.

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My guilty pleasure tonight…

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Yes, I’m guilty of being hooked on Revenge…

Don’t know what I’m going to do next Sunday when Walking Dead starts…hate that ABC changed this show’s time to Sundays…it was perfect on Wednesday… anyway, I’ll have to catch the dead a bit later that night on AMC…

So, just thought I’d post this picture of some of the cast looking so happy, since they never, ever smile like this on the show. What a shame. Eye candy all!

Any guilty comrades out there?

Missing Mad Men…

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mad men bettyMissing Mad Men, my favorite show on TV. Found this incredible painting which reminded me…(click for artist link).

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