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New Year’s Weekend

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Well, the new year has started…well, I should say, with only a little bit of drama…but we’ll get by. 

The drama I mention is (and feel free to laugh) by sorry ass trying to download the Sims3 game for by two teen darlings. Seems my old Compaq, though upgraded nicely with a 1G memory boost is still lame when it comes to these latest games…but I love the thing, XP sp3 and all. So when the game nearly set my computer on fire with the heat it produced after running for 4 hours straight (mind you this was during all the fantastic bowl games on Saturday, a distraction I did not need!) it took a while to shut down. And the next day, the game said (well, wrote on screen) that I now had some video card problem and it could not launch the game.  This, after it played for 4 toasty hours the day before. I checked with my computer wiz nephew and he gave some advice, which I am still working on…otherwise it is good-bye to 50 bucks and the Sims3.

I’ve set my mind to read a book a week this year. Mercedes mentioned this too, so here’s to all the literature we may or may not consume this year. It is a challenge, but a good one, I should say.  If you have any awesome must reads, let me know.  (The books like War and Peace I may have to give myself ten days for…ha, ha.  Let’s be reasonable.)  Currently I am reading Read Like a Writer by Francine Prose.  Figured, I mind as well start there, learning how to read again, and then jump into some lit.  I have a little stack started already…

Joined Illustration Friday, a site that you upload a drawing using the prompt word for inspiration.  These will be posted, along with some of my other drawing on Moonlight Illustration.  Here’s my drawing for this week’s word: RENEWAL

A final note:

Well, we finally saw New Moon.  What can I say?  Was it better than Twilight? Worse?  About the same?  The first hour Mr. C and I were totally bored.  Edward, the love-interest vampire, only smiled for a few seconds before adorning his face with that scowl that is sure to make the actor old in about 10 years…hopefully they’ll be done filming the rest of this series before that happens.  We were happy when the werewolves made an appearance.(Finally…like I said during the first movie-when are the bad guys getting here? waiting for some action, and yes, I know, the werewolves aren’t the bad guys)..and the creepy Vulturi vampires were slightly fascinating–all 20 minutes of them.  Then we were back to more lovey-dovey whining.  All in all, I’m glad I saw the latest…but think I’ll wait for DVD for next one. 

More posts on the way…

Still here…

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My wits are still here…researching and putting together new posts. Also, I’ve been finishing that novel from my November writing month.   Stormed through some personal engagements over weekend, and a funeral on Monday,  but returning to normal…well, as normal as I can be, today. Sometimes I feel like Red in the picture above. Ya’ll know what I mean?  Thanks SB for the concern, and to anyone else wondering where I’ve been. It is lovely to be missed.

More blogging…

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red-riding-hoodMore blogging…

Still working away on my own collection of fairy tale re-writes. Almost complete….just in time for National Novel Writing Month.  Yes, Mercedes (hey baby lets write a novel together), I’m getting my fingers ready to type…I missed it last year, but in February I joined BIAM-Book In A Month Club and wrote a first draft of Red, Snow, and Sleep, my own fairy tale novel (which my new blog is named after). I had a marvelous time, met some cool people and wrote away.  Ended up with 55,ooo words or so (in 28 days no less!).  It still needs a total re-write, but it is there, complete, in my file and it feels damn good.

And so…next week is Halloween week! My kick off is on Sunday with creepy, enticing, hauntingly heartless posts, hoping to cheer the spooky heart in all of you…if you have one…a spooky heart that is…I’m sure you all have a heart, uh, you know what I mean.  Spent some time and have some posts scheduled for next week already.  I love scheduling ahead.  Mmmmm…can’t seem to do that on Blogger….Wordpress and Blogger each have their perks it seems.  Hope you enjoy next week’s posts, and Halloween, of course, this Wit’s favorite time of year.  Right around the corner.

Personal note: Teens are going as a bat (bat Skelanimal hoodie with makeup) and Werewolf (Team Jacob hoodie that says: Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? She’ll wear a werewolf mask and wolf paw gloves.  I’ll be the human slave driving around a whole pack of wolves and vampire Vulturi from Twilight when all their friends arrive!  Can’t wait!)

I leave you with a writing ‘wit’-icism:  Re-writing takes time, patience, dedication, discipline, sleepless night….a bottle of wine (or two)…basically re-writing sucks!  (except for the wine, of course…)


Things That Piss…Me…Off:

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#1.  Obama haters.

#2.  People with money who  always plead poverty.

#3.  The war in Iraq.

#4.  Another driver who pulls out in front of you, then glares at you when you pass them.  (I always ask a passenger with me:  Did I have the cloaking devise on?  Was I invisible?)

#5.  Technology:  cell phones, computers, TV etc.

#6.  Lack of Technology:  cell phones, computers, TV etc.

#7.  Nasty comments on blog.  (Haven’t had any lately, but I’m bucking for one)

#8.  John and Kate (but not the plus 8)

#9.  Anytime someone says: “You should…”

#10.  Anytime someone says:  “If I were you I would…”

#11.   When someone says about another woman: “Wow she got old.” or “She looks fat.” or “She gained weight.”  (Like we should all look 21 and be a size fucking 3!)

and #12.  The Pope’s $15,000 gold slippers.

Well Kiddies, summer’s finally over…

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Well, it is, whether we like it or not.  It’s not that I dislike the fall.  I actually like it and find the end of the cycle of things evokes a bit of closure in life, with leaves starting to change…soon falling from life, creating a lovely carpet to preserve and nourish growth for next year’s saplings.  But I still feel I missed something this year, and an article I found hit the mark.  So here’s my own personalized version, to make one think…to ease one’s mind…(if I can find it lately…)…

What I did not do this summer…

….walk with my love hand in hand on a beach.

….swim in a clear shining lake.

….vacation at some high-priced cheesy resort, just to get away.

….have a beer in the middle of the day.

….read Shakespeare’s complete works.


What I did do this summer….

….experienced family day at a theme park, complete with a ride on a 230 ft. steel roller-coaster, got off and ran back on to ride again.

….swam in crystal clear pools.

….sat on the deck, baking my skin, while I read Fahrenheit 451.

….stayed up late with daughter to watch Aliens, yet again.


Clyde-was not happy being photographed, he is leery of fame...and missing one leg.

….photographed the moon, flowers, a hummingbird that dined in regularly, huge butterflies, one stick bug named Floyd, and one katydid named Clyde.

….drove through a cornfield with the jeep.

….experienced a close encounter with fireworks.

….enjoyed the Rescue Me season.


What can I say…the little things make life worth living.


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