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  1. The reason I like your blog so much is that I have had a long term interest in most of you subjects. Available light photography has always be a favorite technique of mine and many of the photos you selected are available light.


  2. I wanted to thank you so much for you linking my blog! I don’t have many readers and whenever I look at where my hits come from they are from your page!!! It truly means so much to me!
    I absolutely love your blog. Your writing flows with such great intensity and yet such a delicate humor that readers can’t help but be inspired! The other aspect I love about your blog is your topics!
    So thank you, thank you, thank you! I am trying to figure out right now how to add your blog to my page!

    Hanna xxo


  3. I really enjoy your blog. I don’t really have a blog as of yet, just started one for my travels. I stumbled upon yours when looking up Simone de Beauvoir for quotes, as she is one of my heroes. Your words and interests are fantastic… and you have several of my personal heroes/inspirations under impressively articulate surveillance here. Thank you!


  4. Times are hard.
    Where is the beginning and where is the end?

    Sometimes i forget about all of this and i end up in my own world again.
    It’s an vision of a utopie, but very blurry and surrounded by mist.

    Questions are raised and answers reveal themselves.

    Where am i?
    I am right here, sharing this moment with all of you, outside, inside and in every space between.

    Trying to connect myself.

    Why do i try? We are already connected. Everything.

    I came to your website. I must say that everything i see is very interesting for me. I get lots of inspiration from your world, you’r images and your energy collection everything, bringing it all together.
    Times are hard.
    I am an young man from Groningen, Netherlands. The government over here try to cut down the money for art and culture.
    Our country is very disturbed right now.
    But not only our country. The whole world!

    As i said, your blog gives me inspiration and strength.
    Strength to fight even harder for a free world!

    Thanks for being!



  5. just wanted to say this morning, at thend of the year, that I just enjoy the feel of yr blog, everytime that I look in there are things that interest me. Thanx for being steady


  6. My god, these pages are gorgeous — I’ve rarely come across so many striking shots and haunting images. And although I have a different sensibility in terms of contemporary poetry, I love the eclectic mix of writers and the way this blog embraces all the arts. I chanced upon this site while searching for images of Persephone and Hades. And I’ll be back again.


  7. I too am a newby of discovery and wonder why I don’t see thousands ot ‘hits’ on this site and lots of comments? I am so happy for my discovery and will return often.


  8. And yes….as said….I shall return for inspiration. And have. And have again been rewarded. Sometimes I think you (whomever you are) are like the Bell of Amherst — shy, wondering and wonderous. Thank you.


  9. I looked too. And agree about the B and W, yet the other illustrations (from dreams) have both a direct and dreamy side. Thanks always for your lovely site.


  10. I need to thank you for the fine job of having Poe today, on All Hallowed Eve
    To be honest, I almost did the same thing on my blog today but instead I rumaged through old valices & attache cases of old writings. I was looking for a truely scary piece I had written as a teenager/ I couldn’t locate it then I was too busy unearthing
    long ago creative bits and pieces. Thanx for a damn good poem


  11. Aren’t you kind & generous to leave my address stuck to yr front door
    Too much thanx (I’m abit red & flattered) I regularly enjoy yr efforts too
    love, the Spilling Some guy


  12. Gosh i’m in love with this blog – i really liked your post ‘Vintage pic’ really cool 🙂 I’m really interested in everything you post actually – thanx 😉


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