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35 Years to Bury…

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As I perused a most strange article in the newspaper about the famous Argentina tourist attraction,
the La Recoleta cemetery, it mentions the resting place of the famous female political leader,
Evita Peron. How she got there was quite an ordeal. An incredible 35 year journey her
remains took that spanned half the earth…now that’s a long trek for a dead person.

Maria Eva Duarte Peron and Juan Peron in 1950.

Evita died of cancer in 1952, during her husband’s presidency. He hired a noted physician of
the time, a Dr. Pedro Ara, to embalm Eva’s body while he constructed a mausoleum of great
stature for her remains.
Instead, the body was on display, gathering great attention. The mausoleum was put
on hold. In 1955, bad timing all around, Juan Peron was kicked out of office during
the political uprising in Argentina, and he fled to Spain. Ara took responsibility to transport
Evita’s remains to Milan, Italy and buried her under the fake name of Maria Maggi.

Her body remained there until 1971 until it was exhumed by Juan Peron and taken to Madrid where
the ousted leader was living in exile. He reburied her under careful watch of Ara, who it
was rumored and had fallen in love with the corpse of Eva.

In 1973, Peron returned to Argentina and became president again. Evita did not accompany him.
It wasn’t until after his death in 1974 that Eva’s remains were dug up once more. She was returned to
Argentina and buried beside her husband on the palace grounds. In 1987, anti-Peron  activists
broke into the graves and cut off Juan Peron’s hands. Evita was once more exhumed, and placed
in the hopeful security of her family’s mausoleum, and remains there today.

The Familia Duarte mausoleum resides in La Recoleta cemetery.It is of course one of the most visited
burial sites of the cemetery.


Blue Icebergs?

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In South America????

Off the southern coast of Chile these mammoth freaks of nature can be found, if you can believe it.  A cruise here would be fascinating.  It is said that these large chunks of ice have broken off from a glacier near the Northern Patagonia fields, about 3,000 miles from the South Pole, and can be viewed from a national park in the lower tip of Chile.  There is no supernatural mystery to the beautiful color of this ice.  The blue glow results from a long cycle (for centuries) of freezing and melting that makes the frozen snow dense and airless.  Scientifically speaking: “Molecules of compacted ice crystal absorb red light, which has a long wavelength, and reflect only the shorter wavelength, blue.”  Unfortunately, we have a limited time in viewing this surreal phenomena of nature.  The recent climate changes have doubled the melting rate.  By 2030 these babies will be nothing more than tiny ice cubes that we’ll be able to float in a drinking glass.

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