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This was nice to find this weekend. The very beautiful Jensinewall has given me this very inspiring award and what can I say but thank you.

A few bits about me as of June 18.2012 :

1. I love getting awards. Seriously, just when I’m thinking I might be wasting too much time here and should maybe abandon the Wit ship, someone wonderful tells me that I inspire them and then, well,…you know the rest…Who hasn’t thought about quitting too?

2. Tomorrow’s my birthday. Though I won’t reveal my age, and all you know not to ask a woman her age, I can say that I certainly don’t feel my age, that people are all the time shocked when I tell them how old I am. I feel like I’m 26 years old. (God, how I wish I was 26!) If you’re 26 and you feel like you’re getting old come over here and I’ll slap you right out of it!

3. I’m a writer. I’m working on revising my novel. I have countless short stories in files on paper and in my computer. I’ve lost count. For some reason they are all unpublished…I wonder why….

4. I dream all the time about living in Italy, or Paris or on some incredible island with white sand and blue water that never ends. I’ll write in Italy and Paris, and send plenty of Instagram pics out there to Twitter, etc.  I won’t bother to write in the sand.

5. I love old books, typewriters, cameras, cars, and vintage photography.

6. I’m writing from my dining room table right now, because I’m sick of my computer desk in my room without a door.

7. I think I’ll go slice up an apple to snack on…and when I’m done here I’ll be working on that revision.

Here are my Very Inspiring Blogger Award nominees:

Robin Coyle 

I’m so happy to have found you Robin. You’re a brilliant writer and very inspiring. The bookshop and vintage typewriter posts are my favorites.

Gorgeous photography from David Hall at A Monkeyhanger’s Motley Medley – Seriously, you’re here almost every day, clicking that like button. Don’t you have anything better to do?;)

Theodora Black at People, Places and Bling!  Take me to France with you!!! Please!

More great photography here at A Hectic World of Art.  I think I see you more on Instagram now baby!

Russel Ray Photos Great photos, but your music on Mondays has me feeling quite witty!

Settle and Chase – Cath, your work just stuns me!

Jump for Joy! Photo Project…. You have me jumping for joy!  The beauty of the human spirit shines here.


Thank you to all my followers for keeping me inspired. I wish, truly, that I had to time to shout out to all of you!!

xo, Wit






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A special thanks of this Tuesday to Jensine for another Sunshine Award!

May the sun be with you!



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Hey, maybe we have our own Academy! I’d like to thank Linda Willows of Heart Winds once again for sending me a lovely award: the Awesome Blog Content award!

I accept this award on behalf of the entire Wit Continuum staff (me) and I thank God for being there all the time, with inspiration, my agent Miss Non-existent, my producers Longing and Waiting, the writers and editors, Fingers and Brain Cells, for the endless hours of work….okay, oh, and my husband and family for whatever they do that interrupts me all the time from blogging….

(I wanted to do a really, really long speech here to bore the hell out of all of you, like they do during the Oscars…imagine intro music playing now, shutting me up and getting me off the stage so the next award can be presented)

Thank you so much My Story to You for giving me this award, though I think I’m hardly full of sunshine all the time, I’m inspired to make it so! The parameters for this award include answering a few short interview questions and presenting it to 10 other blogs. So here it goes:

Favorite colors: Cobalt Blue, black, chartreuse
Favorite animal: Cheetah
Favorite number: 8
Favorite Non-alcoholic beverage: Coke
Facebook or Twitter? Twitter
My Passion: Reading, writing, art and fashion
Prefer giving or receiving gifts: Both
Favorite pattern: Spirals
Favorite Day of the Week: Thursday
Favorite Flower: Peony

I’ve chosen my latest Followers for this award!

Beautiful Life and Style
Mirth and Motivation
Destinee Marie Photography
Joanna K. Neilson
Moths to a Flame
Madison Woods
Writing Your Destiny
Mimo Khair’s Blog
Oregon College of Art and Craft Library

They all bring sunshine to my blogging world! Thank You!

Versatile Blogger Nominations

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I’d like to thank again Linda Willows of Heartwinds for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger award.

This is a great award in which one gets to share some things about themselves and also nominate a few others who inspire them, who have some new and fresh takes on life. I love the idea of this. If we all follow each others nominees we would have an enormous network. For my nominations I will stick this blogs here at WordPress. I don’t think this is a rule, but something I just want to do.

Here are the rules for The Versatile Blogger:

  1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.
  4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

Now some things about The Wit Continuum…

I’d like to say that I’m some mysterious woman, who causes a shift in the atmosphere when she enters a room, that I’m terribly dark in nature and am an enigma of sorts. Really, I’m just like you. (Except sometimes when I’m driving street lamps pop out; this has been happening to me for years…)

I live in Northeastern Pa.  I love New York City. I sometimes dislike the weather and wish I lived in Florida. I love to read. I love to drive with the moon roof open on warm moon-lit nights in October.

I consider myself more spiritual than religious. I believe heaven is what we make of our lives, what we can experience here on earth, if we are now-here, instead of no-where.

I have a love/hate relationship with writing, and for a writer I guess this could be normal. I love creating a story; I hate editing it. I love free expression, blogging, poetry, drawing and illustration, art, painting, classical music, and architecture.

Some day I’d love to live in Europe for a while. Italy, Paris, London….Budapest…

I love being comfortable in my own skin.

I want to spend as much time as possible with my husband, and with my two teen daughters while I still can, before they grow up too much, before they go out into the world on their own.

That wasn’t so bad…now, some nominations. You guys inspire me, make me love what I do, keep me centered at times, and keep me coming back for more….

Just Under the Surface…My longest online friend with an inspiring blog on art, literature, music and culture….

Spilling Some…lovely, down-to-earth poetry that I can’t get enough of…

Camera Vagrant …emotion-filled photography; each pic tells a story. Love it!

My Story to You …life, love, relationships, parenting, a truly versatile heart

Chicquero …Nothing but an induced epidemic…versatile and inspiring photography

Deidra Alexander’s Blog …great fiction writer with cleverly fun posts to read

Hug in a Cup …deliciously versatile subject matter, all that and a bag of chips

A Broken Laptop … Mercedes M. Yardley’s writing blog; always inspiring

A Monkeyhanger’s Motley Medley…an eclectic mix of photos (on Freshly Pressed today!)

Joe’s Photo Blog…just another photo blog to occupy some time

Victor Travel Blog …fascinating photography from a guy who’s been, like, everywhere! I’m envious!

Indulge-Travel, Adventure, & New Experiences…need I say more? You rock, girl!

The Photo Roll Project …observations with film photography

Uncle Tree’s House….Spiritual poetry and stories and humor. I’m inspired.

Usyaka….my absolutely favorite black cat in the world; gorgeous and creative photography

I’m feeling…Versatile!

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I’m feeling so…versatile! (as well as eclectic).  I’d like to thank Heartwinds for the nomination for the Versatile Blogger award. Merry Christmas to me!

I’m truly honored and happy to have found so many new friends and followers lately here at The Wit Continuum. You all know who you are, those of you that click that little like button almost every day. I truly appreciate it.

Coming soon I’ll list seven things about me, and my own list of nominees for this honor.

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