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Dreams, quantum physics, and Theresa Duncan…

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The other night I had a dream with Theresa Duncan in it. It was one of those dreams where I feel as if I am somewhere else, not merely in my head negotiating the roads of REM sleep, but in another place all-together, another time, a parallel life.

In the dream, we are sitting in the front row of a small darkly lit theater. Theresa sits next to me, on my right. Her hair is down, long and soft and golden blond. She looks beautiful, relaxed, and I share this feeling as well. She wears all black, her legs crossed, her foot in a black sleek heal peaks towards me. She turns to me, her trademark red lips smile, but she never says anything. I’m thinking, “Wait until the show starts, this will be fun.” I anticipate her wit and my own snark as well.

Further down the front row, a perfectly dressed little girl, maybe 4 or 5 years old, bobbed hair, black and white velvet dress, sits with her mother, who fusses over her constantly. She calls the little girl “the baby.” I’m not sure what this means, in the dream, or even post dream. The little girl ignores her mother and looks over at Theresa and me. Theresa is about to say something I feel, perhaps about the little girl, then I wake up.

Nothing really happens, yet I feel in that dream moment I had stepped into a parallel world, a parallel life, and in this life I know Theresa. This would make sense, explain why I’ve been drawn to her all these years, beyond a fan-based attraction. Could it be because I know her in a another universe? A parallel life? I ask you to suspend disbelief for just a moment and consider the quantum physics of our world.

In Space-Time and Beyond, by Bob Toben and Fred Alan Wolf, it is explained that each of us exists simultaneously in an indefinite number of universes. “Each universe has its own time sequence. Each universe may be a slight variation of the next one, or may be entirely different.”

“The ordinary ‘reality’ we perceive is not one universe. It is the harmony of phases of movements of an infinite number of universes. All things are possible but some are more probable.  There is an indefinite number of harmonies constructing an infinite number of possibilities,” and “we exist in all the universe layers simultaneously.”(I reference here the Everett thesis of parallel universes, the quantum wave that represents reality. Everett and his followers came up with the idea that life events happen and exist in a parallel universe and where the event actually occurs. You can be in both universes observing the event, or one similar. Your life may be one way here, an another, possibly different life there. But you exist in each world!)

Can we access our other world lives through dreams? Maybe, maybe not, but from consulting with some psychic healers, it is clear to me that the possibility is there, if one chooses to believe it. In my dream with Theresa nothing happens. I simply feel happiness knowing her. No one is with us that I know. It is just the two of us, out for an evening, friends, and happy. The lovely, peaceful feeling of the dream I feel when I think about her now. I woke and put pen to paper, to capture the relevance, the grandness. In this peek at this other life I do not even know what I do, what career I have or Theresa has, who we are at all. But the good feeling was there, the most important thing.

Theresa Duncan is not here in this world. Her memory lives on here in cyberspace, and in our hearts and our minds. Those that knew her, and those that had wished they had, our desires keep her alive. In other worlds she is happy, a little older, lovely as ever, sharp and witty, full of life. And I like to think I might be part of that.

Today would have been her 51st birthday. I wonder what day her birthday would be in a parallel life?
Are our birthdays the same as in this world?

May all birthdays be as joyful as my simple dream.



Birthday: Theresa Duncan

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Birthdays come and go even when we are gone…but not forgotten.

Happy Birthday to the Wit of the Staircase

Visit my page Folie A Deux or my Theresa Duncan category for her fascinating and sad story…


 ©Wilbur King III


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Hey, maybe we have our own Academy! I’d like to thank Linda Willows of Heart Winds once again for sending me a lovely award: the Awesome Blog Content award!

I accept this award on behalf of the entire Wit Continuum staff (me) and I thank God for being there all the time, with inspiration, my agent Miss Non-existent, my producers Longing and Waiting, the writers and editors, Fingers and Brain Cells, for the endless hours of work….okay, oh, and my husband and family for whatever they do that interrupts me all the time from blogging….

(I wanted to do a really, really long speech here to bore the hell out of all of you, like they do during the Oscars…imagine intro music playing now, shutting me up and getting me off the stage so the next award can be presented)

Thank you so much My Story to You for giving me this award, though I think I’m hardly full of sunshine all the time, I’m inspired to make it so! The parameters for this award include answering a few short interview questions and presenting it to 10 other blogs. So here it goes:

Favorite colors: Cobalt Blue, black, chartreuse
Favorite animal: Cheetah
Favorite number: 8
Favorite Non-alcoholic beverage: Coke
Facebook or Twitter? Twitter
My Passion: Reading, writing, art and fashion
Prefer giving or receiving gifts: Both
Favorite pattern: Spirals
Favorite Day of the Week: Thursday
Favorite Flower: Peony

I’ve chosen my latest Followers for this award!

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They all bring sunshine to my blogging world! Thank You!

Versatile Blogger Nominations

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I’d like to thank again Linda Willows of Heartwinds for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger award.

This is a great award in which one gets to share some things about themselves and also nominate a few others who inspire them, who have some new and fresh takes on life. I love the idea of this. If we all follow each others nominees we would have an enormous network. For my nominations I will stick this blogs here at WordPress. I don’t think this is a rule, but something I just want to do.

Here are the rules for The Versatile Blogger:

  1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.
  4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

Now some things about The Wit Continuum…

I’d like to say that I’m some mysterious woman, who causes a shift in the atmosphere when she enters a room, that I’m terribly dark in nature and am an enigma of sorts. Really, I’m just like you. (Except sometimes when I’m driving street lamps pop out; this has been happening to me for years…)

I live in Northeastern Pa.  I love New York City. I sometimes dislike the weather and wish I lived in Florida. I love to read. I love to drive with the moon roof open on warm moon-lit nights in October.

I consider myself more spiritual than religious. I believe heaven is what we make of our lives, what we can experience here on earth, if we are now-here, instead of no-where.

I have a love/hate relationship with writing, and for a writer I guess this could be normal. I love creating a story; I hate editing it. I love free expression, blogging, poetry, drawing and illustration, art, painting, classical music, and architecture.

Some day I’d love to live in Europe for a while. Italy, Paris, London….Budapest…

I love being comfortable in my own skin.

I want to spend as much time as possible with my husband, and with my two teen daughters while I still can, before they grow up too much, before they go out into the world on their own.

That wasn’t so bad…now, some nominations. You guys inspire me, make me love what I do, keep me centered at times, and keep me coming back for more….

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Camera Vagrant …emotion-filled photography; each pic tells a story. Love it!

My Story to You …life, love, relationships, parenting, a truly versatile heart

Chicquero …Nothing but an induced epidemic…versatile and inspiring photography

Deidra Alexander’s Blog …great fiction writer with cleverly fun posts to read

Hug in a Cup …deliciously versatile subject matter, all that and a bag of chips

A Broken Laptop … Mercedes M. Yardley’s writing blog; always inspiring

A Monkeyhanger’s Motley Medley…an eclectic mix of photos (on Freshly Pressed today!)

Joe’s Photo Blog…just another photo blog to occupy some time

Victor Travel Blog …fascinating photography from a guy who’s been, like, everywhere! I’m envious!

Indulge-Travel, Adventure, & New Experiences…need I say more? You rock, girl!

The Photo Roll Project …observations with film photography

Uncle Tree’s House….Spiritual poetry and stories and humor. I’m inspired.

Usyaka….my absolutely favorite black cat in the world; gorgeous and creative photography

The Wit Continuum Remembers Theresa Duncan

Posted in Theresa Duncan with tags , , , on October 26, 2008 by Mj Rains
Theresa Lee Duncan
Theresa Lee Duncan

The Wit of the Staircase

Born on October 26, 1966
Video game designer, blogger, filmmaker, critic.
Happy Birthday where-ever you are.
PS: Coincidentally, the Continuum has two family members who share Theresa’s birthday, one born on the same day in 1966.  Happy B-Day to all.
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