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Saint Faith

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As one of the personifications of the three Virtues, Faith, Hope, and Charity, Saint Faith really originated as one the oldest pagan Goddesses.  Her Roman name was Bona Fides, which means “Good Faith.”  She was invoked in all legal contracts.  Plutarch said her temple was built by the first king of Latium.  Virgil said that Faith was one of Rome’s oldest lawgiving Goddesses.  Bona Fides did have one of Rome’s oldest temples, served by three senior Flamines, the core of the ancient Roman clergy.

In her Christianized form, Faith received a crypt in St. Paul’s cathedral in London.  Letting their imaginations soar, martyrologists raved over her famous physical beauty.  Perhaps because of this, she became a popular patroness of romance.   English girls used to pray for a vision of their future husbands, addressing St. Faith after passing a piece of bread three times through a wedding ring. 

Source: The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets

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