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Cemetery Cats

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Artist quote: “there are hundreds of cats living in a cemetery of Sao Paulo…resting on the tombs…” ~ poivre

Lafayette Cemetery is located in Historical Gardens District. New Orleans, Louisiana. Location used in Anne Rice novels.  Lafayette Cemetery Cat by SalemCat

From what I’ve found there are many feral cats living in cemeteries. Perhaps it’s the warmth of the sun on the stone that attracts them to sit on the grave markers…or perhaps it’s something else altogether….

Artist note: “A black cat seen at the Pere-Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. Cemetery Queen by marielf   

Sleeping cat in Yanaka cemetery in Tokyo. Photo: syna1

The cat in the cemetery by Bulentcalli. Taken in Istanbul.

Cemetery in London. Photo: thelost82

Black as a Cat
photo by Waterproof Velvet


Screen-saver Puss

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passes out maine coonYea, nothing new here…I’ve been busy writing…yeah!!  And I officially placed Bela, the precious fuzz-ball, as my wall paper on my computer this week after my last post.  It makes me laugh every time I see it…and I wish this puss was mine!!

I leave you with a few more nice shots by stewickie at flickr

Bela and Butterfly by stewickie

Bela in Repose

Morgan Posing by stewickie

This last reminds me of a Hans Silvester shot for his book Cats in the Sun.

Nice weekend to all…

Black Cat Art Favorites

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Just a few more black cat artworks that I love.  It is feeling like a black kitty Wednesday.





Something to Brighten One’s Day

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Just a quick post – this beautiful kitten named Johnnie submitted by photographer ArZs at Deviant

Couldn’t resist…


Cats in the Sun

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I’ve chose to continue a tribute to cats and all who love them. 

My absolute favorite cat photography book is Cats in the Sun by Hans Silvester.  This great photographer showed infitessimal patience in photographing the beautiful domesticated cats of the Greek isles.  Because cats are forbidden to cross into Greek households (they allow no pets in their homes except canaries) these wonderful pusses live outdoors year around, but the islanders love them and care for them and, most importantly, totally accept them as inseparable from daily life. 

“…like the wind, the sun, the sea, day, and night”  the cats have always been there and always will.


  Here is an excerpt from in intro of Cats in the sun:

           “My first stay on Mykonos was in 1982.  I was instantly enchanted by the light and the architecture.  I photographed some cats without really registering the force of their personalities.

            A later trip took me to the Cyclades to photograph the dovecotes.  This time I developed a passion for the cats, and we became friends.  Subsequently, over three years, I observed them at all hours of the day and night, and through every season, with all the patience needed to disturb them as little as possible.  To the Greeks, I quickly became the fool who runs after the cats.  I made them smile, but it was with the greatest kindness that they brought me coffee and cakes and told me stories about their favorite cats during the long hours that I waited for the best moment to take my photographs.”hschatjeu-de-chats-posters

Boy, would I love this job!!!

Peace to all cat lovers out there…

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