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Losing Paul…

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tumblr_mx58qvxAga1szxzmuo1_500Very sad to hear today about the death of actor Paul Walker. So beautiful to look at…a generally sweet guy. The Fast and Furious movies will not be the same for me again…and I love watching them.  He will be missed. Image

Ghosts in the machines…

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“Ghost in the Machine” series artwork by Erika Iris Simmons.

White Dress II

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Like the dress, but will this girl ever look good on a red carpet??  I mean seriously, I have my doubts.  At least Kristen Stewart didn’t wear some old pair of Chuck Taylor’s with it this pretty dress, which unfortunatly would have been smashing if Miss Stewart didn’t look like she’d just awakened from a hangover.  She always seems to look this way to me.   


However, we have some redemption here in this James White photoshoot from 2008.

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