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The dead…

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Ethyl of Lawnswood Cemetery…

Until death do us part…

Southern Cemetery, Leipzig, Germany.

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creepy 1


creepy 5

Cemetery monuments…

creepy 2

Have a creepy Halloween my dears!

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Purple Cemetery

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And so I’m wrapping up the 13 Days of Halloween series. Hope you’ve enjoyed some of my haunted posts, got a chill or two, and ultimately feel inspired for the day of scares and tricks and treats of Halloween tomorrow. So I leave you today with one last cemetery image that I love. The color work I think is so pretty…with the haunted vibe of death and resting souls.

Caterina Medicis photo

Cemetery Images

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cemetery by PurpleJackdaw

Highgate Cemetery II by Jez92

Highgate Cemeter III by Jez92

Verano Cemetery Rome by Creepy Eyes

Cemetery by Deafy

The Ghost of Montparnasse Cemetery

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A gravestone in Montparnasse cemetery Montparnasse inhabitants can be ‘reawakened’ with a little help from a smartphone

Paris is well-known for its cemeteries, the most famous being Pere Lachaise, where tourists seek out the tomb of Oscar Wilde. But I live next to another great 19th Century cemetery in Montparnasse – and when I go there I always take my phone.

It is funny how we love a graveyard…

Read more about the fascinatingly creepy yet beautiful Montparnasse Cemetery in this article by Hugh Schofield


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