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Feeling Merry…

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christmas by kiiwChristmas…

keep is simple and enjoy…

Holiday Love from the Wit Continuum


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Rain_by_GhostlyGoblinIt’s December…almost Christmas…and we are still getting a lot of rain…

Merry Christmas!

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My Willow Tree Nativity Set

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The Peace of Christmas Eve

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There is something about the peace of Christmas Eve that makes it my favorite time of the holiday season. All the shopping is done. All the presents are wrapped, the cookies are baked, the cheesecake awaits. Then the blessed evening falls upon us…we are off in our best dresses, into the chilly air for Christmas Mass, the hymns, the bell choirs, the smell of incense…then home to warmth by the fire, the Christmas tree’s glow, a sip of wine, and an enchanted dinner to celebrate the day. We break a blessed Christmas wafer and pass it around, symbolic of our love and sharing.

May you be filled with love and joy and the peace of Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas

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