Meet me for coffee…

z-coffee-mornMeet me for coffee…

z-coffe-spoonI only need coffee on days ending with y…

z-coffee-florence-welchFlorence Welch coffee style…

z-coffee-paris2Coffee in Paris…

z-charlotte-coffeeCharlotte Gainsbourg

z-coffee-lauren-bacallLauren Bacall

z-five-leaves-brooklynFive Leaves, Brooklyn


That’s what I do…

That’s what I do:

I make coffee and occasionally succumb to suicidal nihilism. But you shouldn’t worry – poetry is still first.    Cigarettes and alcohol follow.

~ Anne Sexton


Pondering life as it is, marriage, and aging ever so slowly…


We are love
and conversation
and truth.

We find those little ways to speak to each other
to say even with subtle gestures
what the other already knows.

A spark, even after twenty years, that, too,
makes life anew, sensual,
sexual in strange ways

the light in the morning
on pale skin…
a laugh and low talking.

Then coffee.

I many times find it hard to believe
the wedding day wasn’t yesterday.
Yet I feel the sting of so many washed up years…

many good but washed with bleach
soft and gentle and there
full of wishes and dreams that are yet to come.

Is it too late to feel renewed, rejuvenated?

Feeling this makes a mid-aged life fresh and livable.
Full of desire and bright light and fresh green trees
like the ones trying to spark in spring
in the yard
beyond the mulch and parked cars

where the lawn keepers parked their lawn mowers.


This Wit has been down for a bit, literally, in more ways than one…but my esteem  is coming back, and hopefully some “witicisms” along with it. Business with life sometimes

squashes inspiration, or, when one is more inclined, it actually does the opposite, and, so

I am trying.


13 Reasons Why I Love October

  1. That fresh autumn chill in the air with that certain smell…a cycle ending with beauty.
  2. Rain on fallen leaves.
  3. Halloween…duh!!!
  4. Pumpkins…and pumpkin carving…and pumpkin pie.
  5. Driving at night in the October air with the moon roof open.
  6. Two of my favorite guilty pleasures of a creepy nature start their fall seasons this month: The Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries.
  7. Black turtlenecks and black boots make their first appearance out of winter fashion storage closet.
  8. Pumpkin pie coffee…sipping it now.
  9. Fireplace finally gets turned on…and so do I!!
  10. Snuggling under the extra heavy blankets with the window cracked open.
  11. The Harvest Moon in October is the best celestial object ever!
  12. Finally…Finally! The fucking katydids shut up! (Don’t get me wrong, I like them for about two weeks in August, then…)
  13. And the thirteenth reason why I love, love October: Annual Halloween week of posts to creep you out here at The Wit Continuum. Hope you’ll join me!!

Happy October…


Let’s meet for some coffee…

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