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Global Call for Creative Thinking…

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One of my dear friends Raymon Grace has posted a

Global Call for Creative Thinking

which is scheduled for this Sunday evening, March 20, 2011 at 8 pm. EST.

Please consider joining in for a few minutes in your own private space and do whatever is your groove to connect with the spirits of love, peace, forgiveness, and community.  For myself, I think of how I’d love to see the world, healed, with all people enlightened and working as one.  There are not set parameters here…just do whatever is comfortable for you:  prayer, meditation, exercise, dance, drumming, music, hugging someone you love….whatever!

Check the Global Call link above for the full run-down on this peaceful endeavor!

Peace…from The Wit Continuum

The more you read…

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 Girl_Reading - Oliver Ray

“The more you read, the more mentally fit you feel,” says Twyla Tharp, award-winning choreographer and author of The Creative Habit, a book I read some years ago and pains-takingly took  notes from.  She goes on to say: “If I stopped reading, I’d stop thinking.  It’s that simple.”  I can relate to this.  If I don’t have a book going, a feel some sense of incompletion to my day, a loss for words sometimes.  I guess my thoughts do get affected.  So now I have a book going, as well as my treasured anthology, for the poetry mostly and I’m feeling utterly inspired.  Now, if I could just sit down for a couple hours a day and write, write, write, we’d be in business.

Twyla goes on with her ecclectic reading advice.  She says to read for growth.  I do feel that each thing we read, good or bad, horrific or sad, changes us in some way…forever.  I have not been the same since I, years ago, read  a scene of Stephen King’s in which a boy steals a puppy from a kid he wants to harrass and locks it in an abandoned refrigerator at a local dump.  The puppy’s tail wagging weakly every time the scum-bag character returns makes my heart lurch…I wish I hadn’t read that scene…and sometimes wonder why I love that damn writer, but I do.  And it changed me.  And I learned how a horrible character develops that’s for sure. 

Mark Twain once said: “The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.”

Twyla says:  “Who you will be five years from now depends on two things:  the people you meet and the books you read.”

It is so true.

Painting:  Girl Reading  by Oliver Ray

Source: my 4 subject notebook that is filled with writing notes and inspiration that I’ve kept for many, many years.

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