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Thinking about words…”book” comes to mind…

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So I’ve been thinking about words and the many unique uses we attach to them, some in the most questionable of way, and I was let to think about the word “book.”

After hitting the local library book sale and clambering home with a bag-full of hopeful treasures I begin to wonder at the duration of the book with all the digital devices in our world…and also the fact that I love to read books, which by the way, I’ve just discovered is not uber-chic. It’s uber-chic to be too busy to read a book, (or have time to watch Mad Men on TV), but it is still uber-chic to spend countless minutes, hours, days on your cell phone with very important pending text messages and call returning.

So, I’m not uber-chic. I’m not that busy. I can take an hour, or two and read. (still into the daunting Anna Karenina…). But of course, when I think of the word “book” I think of a nice volume that is full of glorious smelling printed pages, that contain words that “break up the frozen sea within us” as Franz Kafka so eloquently states. (See quote on right sidebar).  But the word “book” can have more than one meaning, another comes to me right off, so the question has come to my mind:

What does the word “book” mean today?

According to Urban these are the definitions of the word book:

1. A non-volatile data base that can’t be lost because of a world ending computer crash. It’s a data base that won’t lose information even if you spill beer on it, or drop it multiple times, though it can be burned.  A book was used for storage before computers. Books are also used to store data for movies that haven’t been made yet.

Bill: What’s that in your backpack next to your lappie?

Ted: A book.

BILL: Wow? That’s so 1665!

2. If you need to look up the definition you’ve never picked one up in your life.

3. Verb: to leave or run in a hurry.

4. A tool barely used in today’s society because it isn’t cool to read a book.

5. Cool. The typing option given in spell check when texting the word book.

6. An object people place in front of their faces to take in new information. It is a text version of the internet.

7. Something on uses as a child booster seat in a pinch. An object used to level off un-level furniture. A coaster for your new uber-chic Crate n Barrel coffee table.

Where can I set my drink?
Set in on that Anna Karenina book.

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