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Fashionable Celia Birtwell

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One of my favorite painting of all time is Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Percy by David Hockney. I have to admit, as much as I’ve admired and studied this painting, I never took the time to find out about the subjects themselves. I became mesmerized with the life of Celia Birtwell, the girl in the painting who was married to the fashion designer of the 60s and 70s Ossie Clark. He was killed in 1996. Celia Birtwell is a wonderful textile and fashion designer, as well as fashion illustrator. Her new self-titled book, Celia Birtwell (St. Martin’s Press) chronicles her career spanning over 50 years and is laced with images of her life with her dear talented late husband.

Celia is now a fashion designer with her own line of vintage and contemporary clothing as well as fabric, wallpaper, accessories and elegant living designs for home interiors and exteriors. Check out a nice article about her from 2008 here.

What she says about her illustration: “I used to draw the model’s face first. If she looked grumpy I wouldn’t carry on.”

Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell in the 1970s.

Celia now. Still gorgeous and inspiring.

Ossie Clark fashion

Vintage Ossie Clark Blouses

“Fashion is a big business now. In my generation, there was an innocence to it…”
~Celia Birtwell

Celia Birtwell moodboard

Love this! Vintage Ossie Clark for Radley Maxi Smock Dress



David Hockney Favorite

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This is my absolute David Hockney painting favorite,  Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Percy. 

Contemporary British artist David Hockney conbined a number of individual reference photographs and studies of different aspects of this scene to create this very large composition depicting his friends Mr. and Mrs. Clark at home with their cat, Percy.”

Tate Gallery, London, England. 

Source: The Indispensable Cat

David Hockney’s iPhone Art

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I was astounded this weekend to see this incredible use of new technology, by none other than 71 year old artist, David Hockney who turned his four month old iPhone into tech-culture art.  Amazingly he even sits his high tech canvas on its own easel.  Using input commands on a color screen, Hochney has painted flowers and landscapes.

“I lie in bed and send illustrated art lectures to friends and also my own iPhone paintings,” said Hockney.  “I like to draw flowers by hand on the iPhone and send then out to friends so they get fresh flowers.  And my flowers last!”

Hockney had previously created computer screen art with a stylus and electronic tablet from what I’ve read, so this wasn’t too hard for this incredible talent.  I’m still amazed.  The Wit Continuum is rough when it comes to technology, learning slowly through the years and still ages behind.  This app would probably take me a year to figure out. 

Still….intrigued and impressed.


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