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Bike Decor

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Beds to Adore…

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Though I feel essentially well-rested, these inspire me to dive in and …. sleep…

I have a passion for iron beds….and the spirals are perfection here…

Slim Paley’s comfy Sun Valley bedroom makes one wish to retire early tonight….

A girl’s fantasy….

Romance found at Lilac Silhouette.

And a final bed….a dream-like canopy….


Adam and Eve’s Day

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I discovered that there was once an Adam and Eve’ Day. It was celebrated on the medieval church calendar.  Christmas Eve was called Adam and Eve’s Day. On that day, pageants and shows were performed depicting the fall of the ancient mythological couple from the Garden of Eden.  Always on stage, was the “paradise tree” which, of course, bore the forbidden fruit.  Many German families set up this tree in the mid-1500s.  This paradise tree could very well be the forerunner for our own Christmas tree.

Odd thing is, I own these antique Christmas decorations handed down from mum that are hand painted apples. I’ve used them throughout our decorating over the years, and a few years back sort of retired them.  But last year, when our new tree (finally a gorgeous fake one that doesn’t shed needles) needed some more red on it, I pulled out the lovely red apples to add just the right touch. Perhaps Eve had spoken to me.  When I was a kid, I always thought, why are these apples on a pine tree?  Why were they even created as Christmas decoration? Now, I see why.  Today,  Eve’s apples, for that is what I will call them,  sit on my mantle, highlighting the green garland that drapes it. Our wreath is adorned with some plastic apples and holly berries, which reminds me more of the Adam and Eve’s Day tree.

Peace and love to all on Christmas…

Christmas tree up…I mean down…

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I’ve just put the Christmas Tree up…uuhh…I mean…down, no up!
In any case…there’s more room for presents now!!
Happy Shopping to all…and a nice pre-Christmas weekend.

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