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Character, atmosphere…

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First a quote:

“It isn’t good to stay too long in the polluted air of history.”- Anais Nin

I love this excerpt from The Diary of Anais Nin, Volume Three.

It is taken from text written in April, 1940, when she lived in New York.

“I rented a furnished apartment on Washington Square West.  The Village has character, atmosphere.  The houses are old, the shops small.  In the Square old Italians play chess on stone tables.  There are trees, patios, back yards.  It has a history.  The university was built by the Dutch.  I love the ginko trees, the studio windows, the small theaters, Blecker Street with its vegetable carts, fish shops, cheese shops.  It is human.  People stroll about.  They sit in the park.

My bed is convertible, which means it vanishes into a closet.  I am always afraid it will do this while I am asleep.”


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