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The Symbolic Nature of Doors

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doorwayThe simple doorway–an everyday object that goes unnoticed most of the time–is symbolic of a transition between one world and the next. Such a doorway may take different forms, as a dolmen, a torii (traditional Japanese gate), a gateway, but the meaning remains the same.  Both Heaven and Hell lie beyond a doorway, and the threshold of such a place is seen as the place where two worlds meet and sometimes collide. Many rituals involve the initiate stepping through a doorway of some kind.  The visica piscis (the intersection created by two overlapping circles) represents a doorway where the world of spirit enters the world of matter.

The spiritual meaning of a door denotes a passage of communication with the divine.  An open door signifies a message is coming through. A closed door can denote a break in communication.

A door is often depicted as a portal for the righteous to enter. Doors are also signs of deliverance.

Feeling…plum and more….

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If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.  For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thru’ narrow chinks of his cavern. ~ William Blake



I don’t have a door…

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So I don’t have a door…I have plenty of space to write…too much space, too
many places to set up my computer and write…nice places with plants, and
windows, and a deck…etc. Sometimes it is a problem. I wish I had that one
singular space that was all mine, a space I wouldn’t have to share…a space with
a door!

“The space can be humble (probably should be…) and it really needs only one thing:
a door which you are willing to shut.
The closed door is your way of telling the world and yourself that you mean
business; you have made a serious commitment to write and intend to
walk the walk as well as talk the talk.” ~ another quote by Stephen King

Yeah, I live the interrupted writer’s life. I had to stop three times while I was writing yesterday’s post for this blog. Seriously, I do think I need a door.

The writer’s space above is Joanna Briscoe’s. She’s got a door. I bet she shuts it.

Three basic writer’s needs: (especially when into the first draft…the muse, diving into inspiration)

the room

the door

the determination to close it

and your writing goal

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