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Can’t resist this…!…

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The Fish That Walked by Anne Sexton

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Up from oysters
and the confused weeds,
out of the tears of God,
the wounding tides,
he came.
He became a hunter of roots
and breathed like a man.
He ruffled through the grasses
and became known to the sky.
I stood close and watched it all.
Beg pardon, he said
but you have skin divers,
you have hooks and nets,
so why shouldn’t I
enter your element for a moment?
Though it is curious here,
usually awkward to walk.
It is without grace.
There is no rhythm
in this country of dirt.

And I said to him:
From some country
that I have misplaced
I can recall a few things…
but the light of the kitchen
gets in the way.
Yet there was a dance
when I kneaded the bread
there was a song my mother
used to sing…
And the salt of God’s belly
where I floated in a cup of darkness.
I long for your country, fish.

The fish replied:
You must be a poet,
a lady of evil luck
desiring to be what you are not,
longing to be
what you can only visit.

Click art images for links for these wonderful artist.
Fish Magic Paul Klee reproduction can be found at

Original poem by Anne Sexton


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Valentine ‘Love’ illustrations by Igor+Andre

Fresh and Fifi

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Found the cutest Parisian influenced art by Fifi Flowers Design.


A Visit to Lizland…part two

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More works by inspirational goddess of art Liz Mamorsky.  She subtitles her studio work as “functional and dysfunctional art.”  I have to agree.  Here’s a few just to prove that nothing is impossible…

Ruby Turtle Spills Her Guts, 1998

Little Egypt...Mixed media wall sculpture

La Table Lavande, iconic abstract, 2005

Dancer, mixed media reindeer table

Lagomorphine, mix media robot wall sculpture, 2010

Have to confess…I like that reindeer table!  Call me weird….please….


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