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We all came in and sat down…

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We all came IN and sat down,
not expecting to be served for free…

but we were.

ONE of us said: This can’t be right? We don’t deserve this.
Another said: Well, of course.
And still another said: We’ve waited so long.
And another drank with me and we didn’t
say a word.

OUTside the night circus set up exotic tents
full of SUNlight and WATER.

I chose a water one, even though I have nightmares
of drowning in dark water…

But the water FILLED tent was clear
and blue and pale and light as vapor sky
and so cool and I relaxed in IT.

I soaked away DARKNESS.

The next DAY we all came together again.
Some of us were tanned from the sun-filled tents,
some, like me, were pale and clear…

as if blessed with purity.



WE did not drink that day.


~mj Rains


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“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.”
~Liz Taylor~

Wit + Beauty

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