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A little Hitch…

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Alfred Hitchcock…
…because he was amazing and this photo proves it…


Movie Melancholia…without spoilers…’cause that would suck…

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Melancholia-R1melancholia 2melancholia-3Had to watch this film twice…once to get over the crying, and again to take in all the visually stunning and fascinating leitmotifs along with music to haunt one’s soul. ┬áNot a film for everyone, of course. Kirsten Dunst’s deeply moving portrayal of depression can leave you feeling, well, a bit depressed, yet surreal, as you delve into the psyche of the character, Justine. Charlotte Gainsbourg is brilliant as the ever-helpful sister, Claire, and possibly the character to relate to in her passion to save her family, to know the truth, and to do what we would all ultimately do: panic a bit when you know you are about to die…

Melancholia 2011

Written and directed by Lars von Trier.



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Gone Girl….without spoilers…cause that would suck…

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“We’re so cute I want to punch us in the face.” – Amy, Gone Girl

One of the films lighter moment contained this line. Not much “cute” for the rest. A must see if you: like Ben Affleck, which I do, like a mystery, if you like shocking turn of events (oh God, he’s screwed!), if you like sex, did I mention sex?, if you like a bit of gore (Game of Thrones prepared me for the bloody scene, no problemo), if you like being slammed against the wall and the word “cunt.” Twice. I won’t be able to watch Pride and Prejudice again without wonder at Rosamund Pike’s Jane, so sweet…who knew?

Rated R. Long, not for the weary.
Would I watch it again? Maybe.



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jlaw 2Finally coming into her own, Jennifer Lawrence, the new Dior girl, Academy Award winner, most popular girl Catching Fire at the movies right now, and sinking her teeth into, yet again, something edgy with new movie American Hustle…Can I say I love this girl?

jlaw 3

jlaw 4

jlaw 5

jlaw 1

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