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The Beauty of Pride and Prejudice…

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I I cannot begin to explain my infatuation with this movie… from the simplicity of reading a book out of doors while walking, to the misunderstandings of attraction, to the fashionable and less fashionable sides of love, the humor… the heartbreak and longing… it has possessed me body and soul…

Vintage Photo of the Week

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…or in this case, vintage GIF of the week…

Jean Harlow in Red Dust, MGM, 1932

via a stairway to nowhere i think that’s just elegant

Anna Karenina…a long read…

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…by the time I’m done the new Anna Karenina movie, starring Keira Knightley, will be out, thus saving me from the torment of getting though all the pages on my Kindle…okay, it’s not torment. I actually love reading it. It was the first tomb of a book I downloaded back in January. No, I’m not that slow of a reader, but with any disastrously long novel, I kind of lose it mid-way, and find myself veering off to other literary terrains. I feel a wit-bit guilty, since this is so thought of as one of the ultimates in classic literature. So my goal is to finish this book in the next week if possible. My Kindle says I’m at 64% into the story since it doesn’t display page numbers. Can I finish it? Do I have a chance?

So here’s the beautiful preview of Anna Karenina. It looks breath-taking, though the Vronsky actor choice has me confused. Keira looks like perfection however.

You say it’s your birthday…

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…well, it’s my birthday too, babe!!

Memorable last lines from 16 Candles, my favorite birthday movie of all time:

Happy Birthday, Samantha. Make a wish.
Well, it already came true.

(sniff, sniff, X0X0)

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Great post and tribute to Titanic by Slim Paley. Be sure to read the original love letter…and view the film at end! Chills…

Slim Paley

The R.M.S. Titanic departs Southhampton

Have you caught the “Titanic Fever” that’s going around or were you not even aware that this coming Sunday, April 15th, marks the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the most infamous ship of all time?

A photograph of a postcard written and mailed by passenger Ann Marie Perreault 3 days before the sinking of the Titanic.

My husband, somewhat of a “Titaniac”, has recorded no less than 10 documentaries, specials, or movies airing this week, and that’s just on TV. Our London correspondent R.B. (a mutually obsessed friend) is keeping us abreast of all happenings “Titanic” on that side of the pond, including the 4 part series that explores the tragic event from the perspectives of different passengers in each episode. I won’t spoil the ending, but there is a bit of a twist.

Perhaps you’ve already seen the newly released 3-D…

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