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Anna Torv

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Anna Torv, Australian actress from Fox’s latest hit show, Fringe.

We at The Wit Continuum love her for her sublime, elegant glam.


Fringe – the X-Files of The Deep

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Our favorite new show this fall, Fringe, aired the last episode last night until January.  It left us with a cliff-hanger cliche, but we still love the show. 

The show involves FBI agents investigating the not to so normal cases that arise in the field (almost X-files-ish) and includes words like pseudoscience, secret science weapons, neuropathic connections, cloning, teleportation (which was featured on last night’s show), bringing the dead to life, LSD induced dream states where one person meets another in dreams and transfers memories, the Pattern, ghost networks, and our favorite, of course, the space-time continuum.

This show makes me wonder: Were they reading my mind?

The relatively new Australian actress, Anna Torv, plays Olivia Dunham, FBI investigator who is beautiful, vulnerable, yet tough.  Leaps off a building in the first episode without thinking twice – love it!!  Joshua Jackson plays a very sensible genius with no Fed background but his jack-of-all-trades smarts make him valuable.  We remember Joshua from the Dawson’s Creek days – like him all grown up and leading.  His character’s crazy Alzheimer-ridden scientist father is played by John Noble who we previously saw (and again this past weekend) as the psychotic Denethor in Lord of the Rings-Return of the King.  Psycho then – and now in Fringe, only more lovable and fragile.  Blair Brown plays the mysterious head of a powerful conglomerate which is secretly delving into the reanimation of the dead (ala Frankenstein?) and just to make her a bit more scary she has a mechanical arm like Anakin Skywalker.  CoooooLLLLL.

Best show since the X-files in this genre – but it lacks the mystery, the who’s who, the “Are their aliens among us?” question, and “Is the truth really out there?”  And who is the Smoking man?  Oh, let’s face it, nothing will ever beat the X-files, but Fringe is still holding its own as one of the best on television.  Catch the reruns they’ve promised through December if you can.

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