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tableLast night we talked about God
as metaphor, like
the head of the table
the leg of the chair
God of the Universe.

I haven’t got a God to stand on, I said.
And flinched.
No thunder.

~Chana Bloch~

images by ReEjKa

Lavender Love…

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Heart Fire at Home

June 1 to 10, 2011

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What I’ve come across this week when I had time, when I felt enthused with summer, when I was battling the heat, when I was delighting in the air-conditioning, when I was watching a thunderstorm, when I was watching tv, when I was tweeting and texting and emailing and facebooking and writing (or trying to) and not reading at all….

EJ 6 Yasmin chairs

Perfectly pink…

Free People Clothing….

One depressed kitty….

One perfectly pink flower chair for the modern appeal…

My war protest…I’ve been busy people!

Who wouldn’t want this?….

My So You Think You Can Dance favorite dance….

This makes me cringe…but I’d still love a pair…

A piece of poetry:

Love is not logical, but has its own
Peculiar philosophy. I know
I shall stay here now.

(-Jenny Joseph)

And lastly, Nicole Richie looking incredible….

Happy Summer All!

Beds to Adore…

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Though I feel essentially well-rested, these inspire me to dive in and …. sleep…

I have a passion for iron beds….and the spirals are perfection here…

Slim Paley’s comfy Sun Valley bedroom makes one wish to retire early tonight….

A girl’s fantasy….

Romance found at Lilac Silhouette.

And a final bed….a dream-like canopy….


Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

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Would you hang this mirror in your living-room?

Writing for Environmental Graffiti, Thomas Davie shows the work of interactive artist Danny Rozen who created a mirror out of 830 wood blocks.  The clever concept:  a tiny camera gathers image info, sends it through a computer which then shifts the hundreds of tiny blocks into the image in front of the device. 

“The result is a sort of ghostly image, imprinted upon the wooden pixels like a haunted trace and just like a real mirror the image moves in real time – although the effect is more like some kind of spirit mimicking its subject than your average mirror.”

Sounds spooky…and looks a bit spooky too.  Imagining the sounds the tiny haunted blocks make when when you move past it……..    

Link: Thomas Davie for Environmental Graffiti

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