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Back on the table…

Posted in Television with tags , , , , , , on November 20, 2017 by Mj Rains

Spent this Sunday afternoon finishing Season 3 of Hannibal on Amazon video. Feeling delicious and satisfied…

”Meat’s back on the table.”

Hoping for a Season 4…please.

Image: Hugh Dancy (Will Graham)

Dead Books

Posted in Books, October with tags , , , , , , on October 28, 2017 by Mj Rains

So into the Halloween vibe I grab my books featuring the dead off my shelves…

And download the ebook Red Dragon by Thomas Harris to read over the weekend, along with catching a few more episodes of Hannibal on Amazon prime video.

This Wit is set.

What are you reading or watching with a scary vibe this Halloween season?

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