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Hurrell shoots Clark Gable and Joan Crawford

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Old Hollywood was something to behold…


Annex - Crawford, Joan (Dancing Lady)_01S

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The White Shadow

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The lost Alfred Hitchcock film, “The White Shadow”, was found in New Zealand by the National Film Preservation Foundation. It’s the earliest known feature film to Hitchcock’s credit. One wonders, was some foundation intern putzing around the archives and just happened to see this old dusty film and wondered, Hey, what the fuck is this? Then played it for himself in some quiet dusty room with a bottle of select wine…and then out of his drunken stupor thought, “I better tell someone.” ?

In any case, the silent melodrama stars Betty Compson in a dual role as twin sisters, one quite the lovely charmer, the other touted as “without a soul”.
Annette Melville, Foundation director, says: “At the time, people said the plot was improbable. I’m putting a polite spin on it. Many siad it was ridiculous. It’s a totally crazy, zany plot with soul migration back and forth and all these improbable meetings.”

The restored print of the movie will be shown September 22 at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater at Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills. More here.

Truth Beauty

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Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty–

that is all you know on earth,

and all you need to know.

-John Keats

Again, the Wit is digging out of snow today.
But thought I’d share some beauty of another
kind on this Friday.

And yes, I finally broke down, with much
encouragement from Continuum teen members:
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More Marion…

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My friend at Just Under the Surface shared a wonderful article by Nicole Kidman about my fav actress Marion Cotillard.  Thought I’d share these incredible photos by Mikael Jansson and some words from Marion herself.  Enjoy…

It’s really an interesting idea to enter someone else’s dreams. I would love to go into an animal’s dream–like a lion’s or a cats’.

I think the Earth and everything around it is connected–the sky and the planets and the stars and everything else we see as a mystery.  I think we connect when we accept that the mystery is also taking place here on the ground.

I think searching is a beautiful thing.  There is this thought that goes, If you search and search and stop searching, then ultimately you’ll find what you need…You have to search first…

Marion Cotillard Ignites Vogue

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Just received the July Vogue magazine with Marion Cotillard gracing the cover, breathtaking as always.  Watched Nine the other night and was sadly disappointed in the film, but not with Marion.  Vogue has made a great choice for this month’s feature.

“She’s a rare kind of star, only the third actress who’s ever won the Oscar in a foreign-language film, for her tour de force as Edith Piaf in 2007’s La Vie en Rose.  The “little sparrow” was four feet eight, drug-addled, fragile, a wreck by adulthood and dead at 47. Cotillard at 34 is long-limbed and luminous. She’s got the flawless skin, transparent eyes, and turned-up nose of a child, a generous, connected energy, and a steely capacity for concentration.”  More here

Photography by: Mario Testino
Article excerpt: Vogue/July-2010 Portrait of the Artist by Joan Juliet Buck

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