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A Eclectic Spring Collection…

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black dress spring

“A woman knows she’s wearing the right dress when her  man wants to take it off.” ~Robert Paul


Tulips…are better than one…


A welcome home…


“Sometimes I can hear my bones straining under the weight of all the lives I’m not living.”  ~ Jonathan Safron Foer

elle decor room of the week

A room in which we can drink wine, talk of our lives and our losses…and what remains despite it all…

Lavender Love…

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Heart Fire at Home

The Creative Comeback of Rugs

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“Seyed Alavi’s Flying Carpet – which you can see at Sacramento Airport – foregoes suggestion in favor of reality.  Walk the length of it, and you “fly” the length of the Sacramento River in aerial photography.”

In “Creative Modern Rugs- Mat Designs” we’ve found a myriad of urban-comical rugs to stimulate the imagination – and the conversations in your home.  Would you perhaps incorporate either of these precious finds?


Uh…Yes, it is Road Kill Carpet, “a luxurious square of rich carpet adorned at one corner with a messy depiction of an ex-fox.”


Sunny Side Up Rug?

Link:    via: Leesa Leva

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