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Renvoyer L’ascenseur…

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I decide to move to Paris because of its cafes, its writers, and its cultural life. I discover that none of this exists anymore:  the cafes are full of tourists and photographs of the people who made those places famous. Most of the writers there are more concerned with style than content; they strive to be original, but succeed only in being dull. They are locked in their own little world, and I learn an interesting French expression:  renvoyer l’ascenseur, meaning literally “to send the elevator back,” but used metaphorically to mean “to return a favor.”  In practice, this means that I say nice things about your book, you say nice things about mine, and thus we create a whole new cultural life, a revolution, an apparently new philosophy; we suffer because no one understands us, but then that’s what happened with all the geniuses of the past: being misunderstood by one’s contemporaries is surely just part and parcel of being a great artist.

They “send the elevator back,” and, at first, such writers have some success: people don’t want to run the risk of openly criticizing something they don’t understand, but they soon realize they are being conned and stop believing what the critics say.

The Internet and its simple language are all that it takes to change the world. A parallel world emerges in Paris: new writers struggle to make their words and their souls understood. I join these new writers in cafes that no one has heard of, because neither the writers nor the cafes are as yet famous. I develop my style alone and I learn from a publisher all I need to know about mutual support.

~from The Zahir, A Novel of Obsession by Paulo Coelho

A Forced Vacation

Posted in Esoteric with tags , , , on October 8, 2008 by Mj Rains

Been absent from the blogosphere because of a breach in our security system created by a viral download that inbedded into everything, destoying the software and even shattering the harddrive.  Picture an imblodded building crashing down upon itself leaving nothing but a gagging cloud of dust and an insipid pile of smoldering debri.  The Continuum’s computer guru, Agent JF, confiscated my machine and salvaged what was left.  We can re-built it, we have the technology. (Six Million Dollar Man flash back…)

This Macro or Micro Security, according to Agent JF, that blazed up on my screeen when the virus, hit may have been the source–flashing Buy Now! Buy Now! and save your computer.  Get out your Visa or Mastercard.  Give us a few minutes and we’ll have all your identification and your credit card numbers. Thank you very much for you lack of security.

Anyway, I didn’t just get a free download of porn that I didn’t want–I got “quality porn.”

Don’t fly naked.  Get some security.

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