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Images of Theresa

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© Images of Theresa Duncan by Wilbur King III, September 1990 are copyright registered.

These beautiful photographs of Theresa were taken by Wilbur King one day in September, 1990, on the rooftop of the Hotel Washington.  Afterward, they attended a Sam Fuller movie at the Kennedy Center.

Theresa loved to talk at length about French literature, and a little known fact to pass along is that she always celebrated her birthday on Halloween.  I love that….

The first photo is my favorite, but all are so poignant, and mesmerizing.  Theresa’s eyes in the last picture hold a quality I cannot put my finger on….It is quite soul-reaching for me…

I would like to extend a special, heart-felt thanks to Wilbur King III for exclusive permission to use these images and the story provided.

One of my favorite quotes…

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“An artist is supposed to be a land-based astronaut. You’re supposed to be walking out in front of people, avante garde, reporting back, if you make it.”

– Theresa Duncan(1964 – 2007)

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The Golden Suicides: the film

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gusvansant_breteastonellisSo it looks like it is a go.  Just found this today…

Milk director Gus Van Sant will team up with Bret Easton Ellis to form their own non-literal suicide pact to write the screenplay adaptation of the Vanity Fair article The Golden Suicides by Nancy Jo Sales, which has been acquired by Palm Star Entertainment, Celluloid Dreams and K5 Film.

The Golden Suicides, for those who aren’t familiar, is the story about Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake, a couple who both committed suicide in July of 2007, within one week of each other.  Duncan was a blogger and video game designer, Blake an up and coming digital artist who had done the dream sequences for the movie Punch Drunk Love.  The Wit Continuum will keep following up with any progress on this film: searching for film updates, casting, and release date projections.  Right now it appears that what I had blogged before as the “talks” of this being written into a screenplay are now officially in the writing stages.  Let’s hope these two have the chops to make it Duncanology worthy. 

Links: Gus Van Sant and Bret Easton Ellis Team to Write Suicide Film


The Wit Continuum Remembers Theresa Duncan ’09

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The Wit of the Staircase

Born on October 26, 1966

Talented video game designer, blogger, filmmaker, critic.

Write-on….where-ever you are…

A Poem for Theresa Duncan…the girl who wanted to be conspicuous…

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TheresaKnowing what you wanted…

you became

just that…


with your words, with your images,

my dear, with all those lies you said

you believed, undoubtedly

were true.

You became haunted by your own people,

by garbage cans and gas grills,

by cars and priests,

by mirrors and musicians,

by men in black and booze,

by a secret lunar society,

and cults who cannot explain things

to any of us…

or to anyone. 


We saw your talent:  in the games

you created, The History of Glamourhistoryofglam

paralleling your life’s design.

We witnessed your lasting love,

your marriage without papers.

What you had to live for…

if only you recognized

the regular day,

if only you were witnessing

what we had witnessed.


You were the true “wit”,

the diva of the Staircase,

which lives on and on

without you, in cyberspace,

haunting us all with your beauty.

Some moments, those when I hit the

middle mark, I think

I can see a bit of you.

A woman has her mysteries, my dears,

a woman has her secrets.

What a relief it would be to not have

to “become” …

to become anything, anymore.


We are told not to speculate.

We are told we are riding your coattails.

We are told the mystery is not “duncanology.”

We are told to let you rest in peace.


What is it you wanted?

Anonymity?  To be always the unknown girl from Lapeer?

I think not…


In death

you became ever more


Tess by j.rains



Poem by J. Rains with respect for Theresa Duncan. The Wit of the Staircase.

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