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One Year Ago Today…

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BirthdaySignatureCake - CakefoolOne year ago today, 9-09-08, I clicked  “Start Blog Now” and The Wit Continuum was born.  It has been a wild ride, holding onto my butt, writing away, and hanging on some certain coat tails…and I’ve had my ups and downs this past year. 

My inspiration at the beginning of my journey was blogger Theresa Duncan of The Wit of the Staircase.  This, of course, has brought to me some nice responses and interest, and the not so nice also.  It is clear to anyone familiar with TD that I do take some cues from her, but over that past 12 months I’ve taken steps to come into my own party, as we say, as a blogger, as a writer, and hopefully as a trusted online friend to those I’ve connected with. 

It was never my intention to try to be someone I’m not.  I often thought of changing this blog’s name, sealing out any hint that I was “trying to copy” in some way.  I was and still am interested in Theresa’s life and her work, my simple wish being to honor it in some way, speculatively and with deep fascination, as well as the lives of others who have touched our life or our culture.  It was never my intention to try to continue Theresa’s work, for anyone would fall short of that.  She was too unique in her associations, her wit and intellect.  We are all different and “witty” in our own way.

“Wit” simply means a sudden and ingenious association of ideas or words causing surprise or interest.  A “wit” can be a witty person.  It also means reasoning and sense.  So I feel The Wit Continuum is a continuation of ideas, associations, and expressions that hopefully stimulate the senses of those who wish to stop by.  I can’t change the name.  I love it too much.

This blog has literally kept me going…not without some pit-falls along the way.  Two weeks into the blogging world around Sept 21, my computer was assaulted by a virus that wiped out everything, or I should say scrambled it beyond recognition.  It was deadly…but I did get free porn that came with the fucking bug.   Luckily, blogs are online so nothing here was effected.  Daphne (the name of my Compaq laptop) was gone for 4 weeks to Agent J who restored her cells and nerves and vessels and her brain.  She’s slower now, but I still love her and am reluctant to buy a new one (still have XP which everyone says is obsolete, particularly the guys at Best Buy–evidently I’m the only who still has it…).  I was scared at every pop-up for months….A word of advise:  do not click anything that says “security warning, you may have been infected”…it looked so real, even had a microsoft-like  icon on it…and for $29.95 and all my personal info, they would have rescued me–the ones that infected me to begin with! Virus scammers will burn in hell I’m sure.

My top posts to date have been the one related to Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake, no surprises there since they were my focus for so long.  But now some newer posts have taken the top spots I’m proud to say, one sarcastically titled “Don’t You Just ‘Luv’ Clean Coal” and my Edie Sedgwick article “Factory Girl Fascination“.   “Cosmic Love: The Punk Hero and The Girl Who Decided to Become Conspicuous” is the top TD and JB post. 

I’d love to say a special thanks to all who peep in and comment regularly, making my day with each word.  I love you all for your honesty (don’t blow smoke up my ass), your opinions, and you unique ideas.  I do the same when I can with great pleasure and love.  You all have great blogs too…all on my blogroll.

To Sarcastic Bastard, my first official regular, who saved my sorry, crying, fucked-up ass when I got that first nasty comment.  If you didn’t tell me to keep my chin up I surely would have closed this shit down (delete blog–are you sure?-click here…and all that) I always visit you to get a chuckle or to get pissed off (in a good way, of course)….

to Lisa from Just Under the Surface, a literature friend and poet with cool insight and really nice articles on her blog. Love the Rescue Me discussions…

to Debbie, somewhere in Phoenix, who keeps the buzz about Theresa and Jeremy going, and all those insightful links you share, and your love of Stevie Nicks (hope you read this, hope to hear from you soon)…

and new writer pal April from The Little Writer That Could.  Love all you prompts, feeling your vibe babe (and I watched Aliens this weekend again–thinking of you)….

and Mercedes from A Broken Laptop, a cool fantasy writer, of whom I’m so envious because she’s got her stuff published all over.  You get my butt in the chair, girl, believe it or not…

Well, it has been an awesome ride so far

passes out maine coon

This is how I feel after a day of writing my stuff, and blogging all afternoon to you fine people.  As a rule however, I leave the catnip alone during this time. 

What more can I say…more days…the best days…yet to come.


Photos: Birthday Signature Cake:

                 Passed out Maine Coon Cat  by stewickie  at 

P.S. to SB–The photo cat’s name is Bela.


The Wit Continuum Remembers Jeremy Blake

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jeremy blake

We may never know exactly what Jeremy Blake was thinking as he walked into the sea on this day two years ago, taking his life away from the world.   What we know for sure is that he’d found life impossible without his love, Theresa Duncan, who had one week previous committed suicide.  Her death was out of the blue, without a signal that something was wrong.  A shock to Jeremy.  With the courage of any tragic Greek mythological or literary hero, our own punk-drunk hero decided to join her. 

An up and coming digital artist, Jeremy was making quite a name for himself when he decided to take his life.  He created colorful hypnotic digital videos sequences that were shown in major museums throughout the world, including the MMOA and the Whitney Museum in New York and had one coming up in D.C.’s Corcoran Gallery.  In October of that year, they presented his work.  It happened without him. 

Today we remember this cool artist, the possibilities of what his career and life could have been, and the never-ending controversy he created with his untimely death. 

Peace Jeremy…wherever you are…

Sad Day – Remembering Theresa

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Today marks the second anniversaryof the death of Theresa Duncan, the inspiration of The Wit Continuum.  She was a great story writer, a film maker, and a creator of video games.  Theresa became an icon in the blogging world.  Her blog, The Wit of the Staircase, lives on in cyber-space, a reminder of what the truest wit can achieve in thought and writing (and interesting photo finds).  It became Theresa’s  final call in an esoteric, yet strangely sad, life.  It was too short, Theresa.  We would have liked to see more.  Why you gave up, we will never know, but in some infinitesimal way, I understand.  You left a haunting story behind…it will not die for a long time, if ever. Which is part of why I write here;  keeping  the candle burning, keeping the links alive.

What drew me first to her story was an article called Folie A Deux written for California Style shortly after Theresa’s death.  (Full article is in my Pages).   I’ve always been drawn stories that have me think:  one could not write a fiction better than this.  An inexplicable suicide of a glamorous, intelligent artist who was so young (only 40) and seemed to have a beautiful bohemian life, certainly had a beautiful love.  What made this story even more haunting was that seven days after her suicide by overdose of sleeping medication and alcohol, Theresa’s lover of 12 years, digital artist Jeremy Blake, took his own life by drowning himself in the Atlantic Ocean.  The deep probing question of why has been prevalent for two years now.


Theresa was an intelligent, exceptional writer, who made connections that none can fathom.  Her blog shows this clearly.  I enjoyed purveying it so much, she inspired me to start The Wit Continuum last September.  Some of her blogging style I have adopted, as you can see, but I notice it a lot of the blogs I’ve touched upon in the past year who have also loved and written about Theresa as well.  Spiraling my own thoughts and interesting stories, books, or ideas that I find, as well as writing about the fair Ms. Duncan, has been a source of joy for me, a challenge. 

Paranoid delusions and scientology conspiracies aside, Her story will never die.   One of my goals is to keep the speculation alive.  With a film about Theresa and Jeremy in the works right now, I think we’ll have more to blog about for years to come. 

Peace Theresa…wherever you are.

Theresa and Jeremy in Digital Art

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This is a fascinating digital painting done by J.M. Kearns at Idyllopus Press.  With permission from the original photographer, she digitally enhanced the photograph, giving it a distinctive David Hockney-like feel.  I’m not sure of the title, but the link suggests it may be One of a Thousand Maybes, which gives this artwork the hauntingly wonderous feel we share about Theresa and Jeremy’s lives. 

Maybe they were….maybe they thought….maybe they felt….maybe they had been…maybe it was because…..



Later I find this:  A friend of the couple who blogged on My Space about his saddness at their loss (it had been at the time before Jeremy was found and was still only missing).  There are some nice pictures posted-especially the one of the author-friend with Theresa.  (I can’t find his name but the blog may be FuseAction).  We wonder, too, how this person remained a friend with the couple for so long.  He says in his poetic narrative that he knew them when they first met, that they were like a brother and a sister to him.   Mmmmmm….

The History of Glamour

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history_of_glamour_53It is not my intention in any way to reproduce Theresa Duncan’s entire blog, but we loved viewing The History of Glamour and in our search found one of the most enlightening entries of The Wit of the Staircase.  Theresa blogged this on Wednesday, Aug.2, 2006:

titled:  Wit Editor Makes Pedantic History

“Our film The History of Glamour is included in Prentice Hall high school art history text books.  Shout excerpt below:

“Collaborating with animator Jeremy Blake, Duncan created a hybrid ‘pseudo-rockumentary’ that explores the nature of American celebrity…Its heroine, teen singer-songwriter Charles Valentine, from the fictional backwater of Antler, Ohio, storms Manhattan intent on achieving fame and fortune.  But the lyrics of her songs increasingly reflect the emptiness of the cult of celebrity:  ‘I got a call from a magazine yesterday, I think it was called Interview, I said Thursday’s out, but how about never?  Is never good for you?’  In the end, she becomes a reclusive writer, chucking ‘glamour for grammar’.”

“This is required reading in tens of thousands of our nation’s high schools, mon ami.  Who needs children, brothers and sisters of the staircase, when so many are already yours?”

Theresa posted this in Art and Film category.  Her little quote after speaks volumes to me, and her excitement can be felt.  Who wouldn’t want their story or film to be cultural or literary knowledge for our next generation.  This one thing she did made an impact. 

And it is a really great film.  Love the catch at the end.  Tell me if you would like to join me for a glass of Channel No. 5 while we watch the funeral fashion show…

Catch The History of Glamour if you have 30 to 40 minutes to spare.  (Wondering:  Is there a DVD?)

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