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This weekend we took a ride and visited some amazing antique and gift shops. I simply can’t get enough of looking. After eating chocolate cherry ice cream (two scoops of heaven) we ventured into this unique store which featured all American made products, from jewelry to candles to home decor. I especially love these bracelets made from antique typewriter keys…

We loved this sign…so did Grandma. She said, “What exactly happens at my house that I don’t know about?”


Hand-made soaps. The smell was amazing.

Words to live by…

All images by me, taken with my iPhone.

Black Dress XVIII

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Technically it’s a skirt and a top, I know, not a “dress”….but I absolutely love it…would be perfect for a New Year’s Eve party, yes?

Model: Mila Kunis

Theme Post: Chocolate

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I should probably save this post for closer to Valentine’s Day….romance aside, this vintage rotary phone in chocolate is the inspiration for it all…I must go on…

One of my most favorite romantic movies, Chocolat, starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp…pure sexy….and delicious….I remember having to take a small box of chocolates to see this movie. I said: I’m not sitting through a movie called Chocolat without eating chocolate….and I did.

And why not rent said movie and have a chocolate martini while enjoying….?

Another love: Le Vian chocolate diamonds….

A pretty cool read….movie version not too bad either.

Chocolate and diamond Rolex….pure luxury….

Diane Von Furstenberg chocolate brown suede clogs…my feet are happy…

Tell me, tell me! What is cuter than a chocolate Lab puppy?

I could live in this the rest of the PA winter.

My favorite nail polish: Revlon’s Hot for Chocolate.

Who thought they made chocolate colored cars anymore? This 2010 Mercedes in cuprite brown looks good enough to eat…of course I may die trying…then I’d end up here perhaps….



Halloween Jewelry…oohhh…

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Bjorg’s 2010 jewelry collection is quite a nightmare….Why not add some creepiness to your style? Inspired by Charles Darwin, these include crab claws, snake skeletons, octopus tentacles and big hunks of raw, unpolished gemstones (chic weaponry?)

Or perhaps your little weary, creeped-out heart would rather these:

Danielle Nicole Hills has some of the darkest designs going….Is that human blood in that ring???

We are chilled…

Link: Frightening Finery: 50+Macabre Jewelry Creations

Black Dress XII

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