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the_journey_by_pajunen-d4vtcpvFor each of us, each and every day is also a journey. A journey that begins with us at a certain point, feeling a certain way, and ends with us being somewhere different and feeling how we feel about that.  ~ Julia Cameron, The Sound of Paper

Illustration Friday on Tuesday…

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Strange how what we have on our mind enters our dreams when we’re unconscious.  After mulling over the prompt word “wilderness” on Friday, I had a two part dream — part one: I was walking with Red through the forest (I think I was wearing a hooded coat also) set on a purposeful journey, we said nothing, we carried nothing. There was snow on the ground.  Part two: I was drawing her, walking confidently up a tree-lined path, snow covered and untread upon.  This was my answer…out of dreams.   More  here.

My Life So Far

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              “Life is a journey, not the destination…
I believe that it is more joyful to embrace and be in the journey than to assume you’ll ever ‘arrive’.”

Great words from the wonderful actress Jane Fonda.  Whether a fan or not, Jane’s book My Life So Far is a cascading story of how she made it as an actress, life with her fascinating husbands, studies of  the interesting people she met along the way (Simone de Beauvoir!) and, more importantly, she shares what it is to be a woman on a journey to herself, an ongoing journey in one’s life, no matter what your title or ambition or career choice may be. 

This is especially interesting. She sees a woman as having different ages, or stages in life I’d say, in which “Cycles of Change” occur, where a woman finds  random experiences and learns to grow from them.  She coincides this cycle to the acts of a play or movie script with which the climax and ending are only the beginning of finding your true self. Keep in mind, she wrote this book after she turned 60 years old.

ACT 1:   Gathering             ages 1 – 30
ACT 2:   Seeking                 ages 30 – 60
ACT 3:   Beginning            age 60 – and beyond

” ……a girl can lose touch with herself, her body, and have to struggle – hard- to get herself, her voice, back.  Also, I believe that change can be a good thing, if you are fully in each phase and if the changes represent growth.”

“Denial can be a pathology or a survival mechanism–sometimes both.”

“I had just entered my second act, and as far as I could tell, my life had peaked and was on the decline….Okay, so I was wrong.  My life didn’t peak, nor was it on a decline.”

The alchemy of a changing life is the only truth.”
                                         – Rumi


2009: A New Venture – A New Journey

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According to the novelist John Gardner, there are just two kinds of stories in literature:  you go on a journey, or a stranger arrives in your world.

The Wit Continuum’s destiny in 2009 is to reap rich rewards by including both of these plotlines in my life story.  So let the brainstorming begin!

What’s the best journey you could choose for yourself – – a journey that will educate, challenge, and delight you?

And what can you do to attract the best kinds of strangers into your world — strangers who will educate, challenge, and delight you?

                 Blogging in this fine WordPress community should do the trick in part. 

                Peace. …….and Happy New Year to all…..


Source: Free Will Astrology

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