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Lispy bails out…

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shaden photo

Here in the open cockpit
faceful of breeze
I sniff the winds of change.

Wooden wing struts and guy wires
lend a tentative support. You
look so brave out there, wind
whipped white frock and Florence
Nightingale cape.

Below, the dizzy patchwork map. I
can still hear your courageous last words,
a soft mixture of lisp and postnasal drip

as you step into the nearest available space,
a cloudbank of high hopes
one hand clutching your little nursebag
and the other the ripcord.

~ David Barker

image: Brooke Shaden

the old echoes again…

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gloomy day

Sad Walk

I’ve come to the old echoes again,
know it’s where I’ve been before,
see the same old sun.

But backwards, from all the yesterdays,
it’s still the same way,
who gets and who pays.

I was younger then,
walking along still open,
young and having fun.

But now it’s just a sad walk
to an empty park,
to sit down and wait, wait to get out.

~Robert Creeley~
from On Earth

image: gloomy day print by Kristie Bonnewell

It takes a while…

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A whole week. Barely. 

My feet take me around

but I forget why. 

Mouth’s been to the dentist.

Hands don’t read my head. 

Ears ring the telephone. 

Moon’s knocked to one side

and I choke in fluids. 
Eventually, they tell me,

The yelling quiets down

inside, but it takes

a while. It takes a while. 
Words – Vi Gale

Image –


I am part of the beauty…

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The Least Figure

I tried to think of some way to let my face become yours. “Could I whisper in your ear the dream I’ve had? You’re the only one I’ve told this to.”  You tilt you’re head, laughing, as if, “I know the trick you’re hatching, but go ahead.” 

I am an image you stitch with gold thread on tapestry, the least figure, a playful addition. 

But nothing you work on is dull. 

I am part of the beauty. 


Une femme s’invite dans mon esprit…

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When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained. – Mark Twain

Une femme s’invite dans mon esprit…

A woman calls in my mind…


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