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Happy Mother’s Day

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Here’s to all the Moms out there….what we do

is the greatest thing in the world!

And don’t you forget it!

Give Mom a call and thank her!!

10 Things to say to Mom…

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Thanks for all the orthodontia.

The card is in the mail. Sorry it’s late, and yes, I’m still a procrastinator in spite of everything you did to help with that.

The clothes you wore in the eighties – where are they? And don’t be hurt when I call them vintage.

Sure, I cried every morning at day care, but I’m so proud of your career.

The crazy rules I fought at age 16? Thanks for sticking by them.

…Oh, and a general apology for that whole year. OK, decade.

My sex life is satisfying and safe, you don’t need details.

I’m moving back in!  Ha- ha, just kidding.

It’s all your fault that I just spent $100 on organizing bins at The Container Store.

And hey, Mom, how’s your crazy week going?

– Via the A List in Glamour Magazine

I would also like to add my own ten:

Mom, how do you sew that perfectly straight line in my chair covers?

Why is Dad going to the casino again?

No, I’m not cutting my hair short and perming it, okay?

Thanks for being there every day when the baby was born. I don’t think I would have survived.

Is that wallet an endless supply of  money for the kids each week?

What kind of gum do you have with you? (At first I typed by accident “gun”….now that’s a thought…)

We’re getting a puppy and you’ll have to baby sit it…what do you mean “no way” ?

When we have the Memorial Day picnic at your house I promise I won’t get too drunk to help you clean up.

Mom, I always love you…even if I don’t say it a lot.

I hope you have a great, care-free day…And hope you win at the casino!

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

More Reading…

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Catching up on my books read in 2010…no, I haven’t been slacking off.

This book was a thought provoking mother/daughter memoir about coming to terms as a woman with changes in life, age, and getting a handle on depression, all while traveling to Greece and planning a wedding.  Covers some Virgin Mary history and Greek mythology as well.  Loved the story of Persephone and Demeter, which I blogged earlier.

My Favorite Mistake

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Listening to my mother…inevitably, she was always right (even when it pissed me off).

The Story of Demeter and Persephone

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The maiden, Persephone, daughter of the Earth Goddess, Demeter, is out picking flowers in a meadow when the earth opens up and out charges Hades, God of the Underworld.  He scoops Persephone up, and the Lord of the Dead (not the devil or Satan mind you) plunges back down into the Underworld.  When Persephone is late, Demeter goes out searching but can find her lovely daughter nowhere.  Demeter, the great Goddess of grain, harvest, and fertility lights a torch and scours the earth into the night. After nine futile days of searching, she comes across an old lady, the quintessential Hecate, a crone of great knowledge of the earth and its going-ons (the harbinger of bad news and good) and the Goddess of the dark moon, the crossroads of life.  She explains to Demeter that Persephone has been abducted.

Demeter grows full of rage and gives up her divine earthly duties, allowing the crops to dry up and wither, the earth to become a cold wasteland.  She disguises herself as and old woman and travels to the town of Eleusis where she wallows in despair.  Zeus, the great God, notices this and tries to talk some sense into Demeter.  Hades will make a nice son-in-law, he says.  She needs to lighten up and let the crops grow.  Demeter will not budge.

The earth becomes so desolate and wasted Zeus has no choice but to consult with his dark brother of the underworld and orders Hades to give up Persephone.  Persephone prepares to leave, but Hades loves her and does not want to give her up completely. They have one last meal together, and the Lord of the Dead slips some enchanted pomegranate seeds into Persephone’s food.  She swallows the seeds, which ensures her return to Hades domain for a third of each year.

Persephone and her mother are reunited on the first day of Spring.  Demeter can sense some changes in her young daughter.  Demeter is not happy when she learns about the pomegranate seeds, but Persephone insists she did not know and that she does not mind in any case to go back to see Hades.  Demeter stops her mourning and allows the earth to flourish again. After all, her daughter is back. Not the same innocent girl who picked flowers without a care in the world, but a woman transfigured by her experience.

This is my favorite mythological story about a mother and daughter reunion, about a daughter’s growth and change, about the seasons of the earth as they were formed by the mythic gods.

Story is inspired by an excerpt of Traveling with Pomegranates by Sue Monk Kidd

Persephone by Blackeri
Hades and Persephone by Sandara

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