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Am writing…

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2015-09-30 16.41.22

I still #am writing but alas
have lagged behind in NaNoWriMo word counts…

But my story still surges on, which is
ultimately, the most important thing to me.

I am thankful for taking on the challenge.
It has inspired me to write, write, and write more
instead of waiting for another day
(you know, the “tomorrow zone”)

Today = Writing

image: The Wit Continuum


Happy Halloween…

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pumpkin house decorHappy Halloween everyone!

The Wit is away for the weekend, pumping up or NaNoWriMo, perusing the lines of esoteric pleasure and pain and beauty in words…and pumpkin patches…
See you all in November…

I’m focused, I’m ready…

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nanowrimo-word-cloudPlanning through the past few weeks for Na No Wri Mo, National Novel Writing Month, this November. Feels great to finally have the time to focus. For me it’s now or never with stories I have. One in particular has been begging to be written, so I’m focused, I’m ready…

nanowrimo_desktop_calendar_by_pixiesailor-d31if90So if any of you fellow readers and writers have signed up and are all-in for the challenge this year let me know.

Join me as a buddy, pen name MichelleG-83, if you’d like.

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On a bit of vacation from The Wit Continuum for November, due to the National Novel Writing Month challenge I’m giving myself, among other things du jour…

50,000 words
30 Days
1667 words a day

Wish me luck…

I post some updates and you can catch me more at Wit+Beauty for some philosophical quotes to inspire life and beauty to please the eye.

Still here…

Posted in When it RAINs with tags , , on December 9, 2009 by Mj Rains

My wits are still here…researching and putting together new posts. Also, I’ve been finishing that novel from my November writing month.   Stormed through some personal engagements over weekend, and a funeral on Monday,  but returning to normal…well, as normal as I can be, today. Sometimes I feel like Red in the picture above. Ya’ll know what I mean?  Thanks SB for the concern, and to anyone else wondering where I’ve been. It is lovely to be missed.

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