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Penn State Blue Out

Posted in Current events with tags , , , , , , , , on November 11, 2011 by Mj Rains

Tomorrow’s college football day will feature a Penn State Blue-Out. Everyone will wear blue tee-shirts or ribbons in support of the rights of children who were sexually abused.  The basic white, famously generic, helmets of the players may, and I stress may, feature the ribbon logo from what I’ve heard today.

Tonight, the student body will have a candle-light vigil to support abused children. All this comes after the media frenzy over the sexual abuse allegations by a retired assistant coach this past week that are haunting this otherwise great university. If you haven’t heard about this by now, you’ve no doubt been very busy under your rock under a mountain somewhere…the world news has even displayed it on the grandest of scales. Hope their rating were good, I say sarcastically. Just Google it and you’ll see.

I’ve always been a college football fan. Being the only child, and only daughter of a football crazed dad, I’ve been brought up loving football.  And, being a PA native, Penn State has always been a household fave. I am deeply saddened to hear about the atrocious crimes and the scars it is causing, which will last a long time to this fine university, and more so, for a life-time to the victims involved. Did the university officials turn a blind eye? Was there actually a cover-up? Why? The “why?” is my biggest question. Why not do the right thing?

There are a lot of unanswered questions out there. And I have no doubt some will never get answered. We can only hope and pray that something like this never, ever happens again to anyone…anywhere.

My heart goes out to all the children involved. I will light a candle tonight from my home in support of them, and in support of the student body of Penn State University who are trying to stand up of their school and become honored graduates of it in name and works. A few men and their poor decisions should not cast shame on the innocent, meaning the majority of staff and student body who cannot help that they knew nothing. I will wear my blue tomorrow as I watch the game from my home and I will fashion some blue ribbons, as a reminder to all the victims.

I will pray for them always.

I believe our powers of intention and prayer can make changes in this world. I sincerely hope the Penn State Blue Out will be a stepping stone to set things right.

Unusual Ballot Measures…

Posted in Culture, Current events, Esoteric with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on November 2, 2010 by Mj Rains

So today the Californian residents get to vote yes or no on Proposition 19….So far the smoke out has a 41% opposition….I say legalize it and put some of these drug lords out of business….

Proposition 19, also known as the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010, is a California ballot proposition which will be on the November 2, 2010 California statewide ballot. It legalizes various marijuana-related activities, allows local governments to regulate these activities, permits local governments to impose and collect marijuana-related fees and taxes, and authorizes various criminal and civil penalties.[1] In March 2010, it qualified to be on the November statewide ballot.[2] It requires a simple majority in order to pass, and would take effect the day after the election.[3] Yes on 19 is the official advocacy group for the initiative, and No On Proposition 19 is the official opposition group.[4]

Proponents of Proposition 19 argue that it would help with California’s budget shortfall, cut off funding to violent drug cartels, and redirect law enforcement resources to more dangerous crimes,[5] while opponents claim that it contains gaps and flaws that may have serious unintended consequences on public safety, workplaces, and federal funding.[6] As of October 2010[update], even if the proposition is passed, the sale of marijuana will remain illegal under federal law via the Controlled Substances Act.

But Denver, Colorado residents have an enormously different decision to make today…to support Denver Initiative 300, which will protect them from future contact with, you guessed it…aliens (uh, the ones from another planet, please).

Denver Initiative 300 on the 2010 ballot seeks to establish and fund an “extraterrestrial affairs commission” to ensure our safety in any “potential interactions with extraterrestrial intelligent beings or their vehicles.”

Because that’s what these sorts of illegals do. They come here smuggling their unearthly drugs and spreading disease strains we can’t cure. They drive their non-American unregistered vehicles around without proper driver’s licenses and smash into American citizens and then they fly across the border and beyond the clouds.

The Initiative proponent is Denver resident Jeff Peckman, who has appeared on Letterman and on FOX to speak about ET visitations. He introduced the initiative in April and in roughly a month he landed the 3,973 signatures– or 5 percent of the number of votes cast in the city’s prior mayor’s race– to secure a place for Initiative 300 on the November ballot. Peckman posted a website,, as part of his signature-gathering efforts.

Uh, okay….We here in PA have to decide on Home Rule form of government….I feel so bored….

Sources: Wikipedia  and Colorado

Images: Uncoverage and  Wisdom Quarterly

Political Satire on the Mall…

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Thousands gathered at the Mall in Washington D.C. on October 30th to witness some political satire from these two comedians, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. The rally, so titled The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear started at noon on Saturday and was broadcast live on  I stuck around for the opening parts, the semi-fun commentating by Stewart and the arrival of Colbert through the stage floor, attired in Evel Knievel costume, from a fictional underground “fear bunker” in a Fenix tube (like the one that was used to rescue the Chilean miners.) Afterward, Father Guido Sarducci, from SNL fame, gave a benediction asking God to send a sign of which religion was the “right” one.  It was quite funny, or so this Wit thought.

All in all, it seemed to be a fun day for all to which CNN called a “Moment of Zen” on the Mall.  How poetic?

People carried signs with quotes like: “Oh no, You Di’n’t! Fox News”, “Biparti – Sanship”, “Obama Cake”, “God hates Nags”, “I respect your opinion,” and my favorite, “Does this sign make me look fat?”

Give me an insanity pill and a fear enema, please.  It is clear…some of us need to lighten up. Perhaps Stewart and Colbert just might have pulled it off.

Images: and

The Wit Continuum Remembers Jeremy Blake

Posted in Theresa Duncan with tags , , , , , , , , on July 17, 2009 by Mj Rains

jeremy blake

We may never know exactly what Jeremy Blake was thinking as he walked into the sea on this day two years ago, taking his life away from the world.   What we know for sure is that he’d found life impossible without his love, Theresa Duncan, who had one week previous committed suicide.  Her death was out of the blue, without a signal that something was wrong.  A shock to Jeremy.  With the courage of any tragic Greek mythological or literary hero, our own punk-drunk hero decided to join her. 

An up and coming digital artist, Jeremy was making quite a name for himself when he decided to take his life.  He created colorful hypnotic digital videos sequences that were shown in major museums throughout the world, including the MMOA and the Whitney Museum in New York and had one coming up in D.C.’s Corcoran Gallery.  In October of that year, they presented his work.  It happened without him. 

Today we remember this cool artist, the possibilities of what his career and life could have been, and the never-ending controversy he created with his untimely death. 

Peace Jeremy…wherever you are…

What Could Have Been…

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john kennedy Jr. and Carolyn

I imagine what could have been…had John Kennedy Jr. and his wife Carolyn BessetteKennedy had not died ten years ago today.  Ten years has passed…I remember this day, like my mother and father who remember the day John’s father died before I was born.  And last year, with all the political landscape in turmoil, with Hillary, Obama, and McCain, I had often wondered what it would have been like had this man decided to join the foray… I think we would have been pleasantly surprised.  This possibly would have been his time, or perhaps, 2012, which would make more sense.   A friend of John’s on GMA this morning said that John had been privately preparing for the presidency his entire life.  He never stated that he would run, but somehow we all knew…

Today I remember and honor John Kennedy Jr. and his lovely stylish wife Carolyn Bessette Kennedy.  They would have been smashing in our White House…but only after, I might add, our current incredible pres and first lady had made their exit. 

These were two lives cut way too short.  He was only 39. 

That day, that glorious-weathered Saturday, when the news channels continually ran clips and interviews of John, one stands out for me.  Among all the numerous film clips of John walking down the streets of New York this one is timely:  John is walking and approaches some steps, obviously talking to the too numerous photographers that hounded him daily wherever he went, and from what I’ve read he was always polite to them.  Here we see John suddenly lean down, out of the camera shot.  I’m thinking, what is he doing?  Tying his shoe?  Did he drop something?  The camera finally pulls back and down at John, who is kneeling on a step, petting a cat that was sleeping there. 

Got to love this man.

Peace John and Carolyn…wherever you are…

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