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The work of Sonia Szostak…

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p7One of my favorite young photographers is Sonia Szostak. Found her ages ago on Deviant Art. Her works are provocative, at times unsettling, and fashionably brilliant. Click link for beautiful slide show on her website. Below are a few more images I love.

o3pp1n3Let me know what you think…


Theme Thursdays…Vogue…

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Theme Thursday features a grand selection of Mario Testino (one of the best fashion photographers today) photos for the May 2014 issue of Vogue magazine. Subjects: Sasha Pivovarova and James Blake…  Enjoy…




Favorite pic of the lot…love the clothes…I’d wear this…


Provocative Portraits

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I love the provocative portraits by Sonia Szostak, aka muszka on Deviant Art.

Her Tumblr

Vintage Photo of the Week

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for June 6, 2012

Fashion photography


Richard Rutledge photo

The Other Side

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Rial to Bridge


Recently I’ve come across the lovely and quite extraordinary photography talent of Marilyn Gelfand. Her wonderful series called The Other Side is a fascinating gallery of images, each a story of its own.

Of herself she says:  My photography is inspired by the notion that every split second of life is unique; never to play out the same way again.  Wherever I am, I hunt for opportunities to make pictures and record my personal take – exposing the extraordinary  in the ordinary.

Tilter Reflections


Il Gesu





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