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Deep…and green…

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be green nature

cara in green

b green paul barson

be green

dark green rooms

Where there’s smoke…

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picasso smoke

smoke…there’s fire…

Mood Board Smoke

Digging through the archives…

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The work of Sonia Szostak…

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p7One of my favorite young photographers is Sonia Szostak. Found her ages ago on Deviant Art. Her works are provocative, at times unsettling, and fashionably brilliant. Click link for beautiful slide show on her website. Below are a few more images I love.

o3pp1n3Let me know what you think…

Life with the lid on…

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f woodman

Gemini novelist Elizabeth Bowen (1899-1973) was fascinated in “life with the lid on and what happens when the lid comes off.” She knew both states from her own experience. “When you love someone,” she mused about the times the lid had come off, “all your saved-up wishes start coming out.” In accordance with the astrological omens, I propose that you engage in the following three-part exercise. First, identify a part of your life that has the lid tightly clamped over it. Second, visualize the suppressed feelings and saved-up wishes that might pour forth if you took the lid off. Third, do what it takes to love someone so well that you’ll knock the lid off.

~Via Free Will Astrology

You are Love!!

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Image: Francesca Woodman=Haunted Genius

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