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If I had to listen to one album for the rest of my life, it would be this one..

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Crescent Moon 7-26-09

Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. What a ride….

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A surprising movie that really got to me…

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I know this film is on the edge considered a horror film, but the whole idea of this guy, all alone, with only his dog, talking with mannequins he’s set up in stores to give himself the semblance of life with people broke my heart….there is so much more, the “cure” that wiped out humanity, his guilt for having create it, his goal to “fix it”, along with the loss….at the end of this film, zombie-freaks aside, I cried my eyes out.

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One of my favorite quotes…

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“An artist is supposed to be a land-based astronaut. You’re supposed to be walking out in front of people, avante garde, reporting back, if you make it.”

– Theresa Duncan(1964 – 2007)

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What Book would you read over and over again?

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Life of Pi

Life of Pi by Yann Martel. I don’t know why exactly…it just fascinates me that this boy is alone (well, except for the tiger on the raft with him) on the ocean…and he survives. I’m reading Martel’s latest,  Beatrice and Virgil. We shall see…Any other fans of Life of Pi out there???

Plinky…something new…

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Liking this new idea…  You get a new prompt each week to write about or comment on and can even ship it right over to your blog for a quick post.  Gets your brain thinking too….always looking for something new, that’s me….

With July 4th over there is sort of a “sigh” flowing through the household…this day was always considered the “half the summer is over” point, although it is hardly true. Still, there is that element of a something finished and we have to look to new horizons. Strange how we jet on, hardly enjoying the moments at hand. I may be looking into this too much. I certainly don’t feel the end of anything by a long shot, but the sense of it still flows around me.  Any one know what I mean?

In any case…another long, hot summer vacation day to enjoy today…. iced oolong peach tea anyone?


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