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Feeling…plum and more….

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A Eclectic Spring Collection…

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black dress spring

“A woman knows she’s wearing the right dress when her  man wants to take it off.” ~Robert Paul


Tulips…are better than one…


A welcome home…


“Sometimes I can hear my bones straining under the weight of all the lives I’m not living.”  ~ Jonathan Safron Foer

elle decor room of the week

A room in which we can drink wine, talk of our lives and our losses…and what remains despite it all…

I just want to feel…purple yellow red and blue…

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Hit play and scroll…(or watch if you’d like…skip ad…)

All I
want to do is
live in ecstasy…

RichardBurlet4I know what’s best for me…

yellow door

I can’t help it…

red vw

It’s this hopeless age…
I just want to feel…

mark rothco

purple yellow red and blue…


yellow fashion


blue fleur

All that I needed…


was something to believe in…the kiss, klimt

’cause everything just falls
place…like that…

red fluff

richard burlet 2


richard burlet

keira in blue

I just want to feel…purple yellow red and blue…

Featuring fantastic art by:
Richard Burlet
Gustav Klimt
Zhang Jingna

September Vogue…and purple thoughts…

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Reading Vogue today among other things since we’re not going out and braving the rain today due to hurricane Irene (should I capitalized hurricane, like a royal title?) grazing our area in N.E. Pennsylvania. Even in the lousy weather of this day, there are moments of enchantment. Despite the downed leaves and branches on the highway, and power-outages, and the cool winds, there is certain beauty in staying in, reading under a lamp, or writing a new blog post on a Sunday afternoon.

The September Vogue is stunning, once again this year, leaving me dazed, as in “overwhelmed”, not stupified as if I were hit over the head with a frying pan.  Absolutely love Kate Moss in this Alexander McQueen gown on the cover, perhaps their best cover of the year so far. No, not perhaps, it definitely is! And what would an avid reader of Vogue be with out gazing with pains-taking intricate detail, every ad the 758 page wonder has to offer?  I’m a tad disappointed in the Ralph Lauren ads in the opening pages. Compared to last year’s September issue’s ad campaign, Ralph Lauren fell a little flat for me. The Chanel ads following shortly after were splendid, of course. The article of perfection no doubt is the inside look at Kate Moss’s romantic wedding by Hamish Bowles.

And now just a few more wonders of purple…

A powerful use of purple via Home Decor.

Emilio Pucci Fall/Winter collection 2008-09.
A flash of style from the past.

Color therapy: purple via Style Estate

Purple is associated with the crown chakra, or energy center on the top of your head. Focus here
increases intuition (who doesn’t need that?), calms mental issues and psychological problems
(okay, put simply: over-thinking), gets you “out” of your own spaced-out head, and balances
your physical body energies. Or so.
Purple (or violet) is known as the color of wisdom.

image via This Loving Universe

Francesco Scognamiglio

Well, every girl needs a leopard print something, so Rachel Zoe says, and it’s a daring girl who wears it.

Are you hooked on purple yet?

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