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Le Petit Chaperon Rouge…

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RedRidingHoodThe more I look into fairy tales…the more I love.  I’m currently working on my book of fairy-tales re-told, but here’s a piece on the Little Red Riding Hood traditions from The Annotated Brothers Grimm by Maria Tatar:

 The French and German titles for the story–“Le petit chaperon rouge” and “Rotkappchen –suggest caps rather than hoods.  Psychoanalytic critics have made much of the color red, equating it with sin, passion, blood, sexuality and thereby suggesting a certain complicity on the part of Red Riding Hood in the symbolic seduction enacted in the tale.  But these views have been rebutted by folklorists and historians, who point out that the color red was first introduced in Perrault’s literary version of the tale and that it can have political as well as moral associations.  These days, a girl wearing red produces a nearly automatic association to the story, and advertisers ceaselessly exploit that allusion as they turn Little Red Riding Hood from a childish innocent into a red-hot femme fatale.”

red2561031-2-lil-red-riding-hood Lil Red Riding Hood by Karri Klawiter


In The Woods

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                    Red Riding Hood’s Continuum………

            Purveying the woods (and busy cleaning some staircases) in search of wickedly tasty goodies to put in my basket.  Not an easy tasks for Red.  There’s so many leaves about…and gender-confused wolves to watch out for.

            Will be sharing more later.

Little Red Riding Hood

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Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood

          Little Red Riding Hood is the fairy-tale heroine based on the aspect of the red-clothed goddess Diana.  In the tale, the usual trinity of maiden, mother, and grandmother are present.  The Hunter was orginally le Chasseur Maudit, or pagan Lord of the Hunt; while the man-eating She-Wolf or grandmother was a western form of the goddess Kalika.

Red Riding Hood is a story traceable to wolf-clan traditions.  The giveaway details are the red garment, the offering of food to a “grandmother” in the deep woods–a  grandmother who wore a wolf skin–and the cannibalistic motif of devouring and resurrection.  The story’s original victim would not have been the red-clad virgin but the hunter, as Lord of the Hunt.  Like Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood was part of a Virgin-Mother-Crone trinity, wearing the same red garment that Virgin Kali wore; as the red moon of a lunar eclipse she prophesied catastrophe and inspiried much fear.  In Britian, “a red woven hood” was the distinguishing mark of a prophetess or a priestess. 

Source: The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets

Artwork: Mermay 19’s Photostream

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