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the old echoes again…

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gloomy day

Sad Walk

I’ve come to the old echoes again,
know it’s where I’ve been before,
see the same old sun.

But backwards, from all the yesterdays,
it’s still the same way,
who gets and who pays.

I was younger then,
walking along still open,
young and having fun.

But now it’s just a sad walk
to an empty park,
to sit down and wait, wait to get out.

~Robert Creeley~
from On Earth

image: gloomy day print by Kristie Bonnewell

When I think

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by Robert Creeley

When I think of where I’ve come from
or even try to measure as any kind of
distance those places, all the various
people, and all the ways in which I re-
member them, so that even the skin I
touched or was myself fact of, inside,
could see through like a hole in the wall
or listen to, it must have been, to what
was going on in there, even if I was still
too dumb to know anything – When I think
of the miles and miles of rads, of meals,
of telephone wires even, or even the water
poured out in endless streams down streaks
of black sky or the dirt roads washed clean,
or myriad, salty tears and suddenly it’s spring
again, or it was – Even when I think again of
all those I treated so poorly, names, places,
their waiting uselessly for me in the rain and
I never came, was never really there at all,
was moving so confusedly, so fast, so driven
like a car along some empty highway passing,
passing other cars – When I try to think of
things, of what’s happened, of what a life it
and was, my life, when I wonder what it meant,
the sad days passing, the continuing, echoing deaths,
all the painful, belligerent news, and the dog still
waiting to be fed, the closeness of you sleeping, voices,
presences, of children, of our own grown children,
the shining, bright sun, the smell of the air just now,
each physical moment, passing, passing, it’s what
it always is or ever was, just then, just there.


image: The Sky [click image for artist link]

A Full Cup

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A Full Cup

by Robert Creeley

Age knows little other than its own complaints.
Times past are not to be recovered ever.
The old man and woman are left to themselves.

When I was young, there seemed little time.
I hurried from day to day as if pursued.
Each thing I discovered, another came to possess me.

Love I could ask no questions of, it was nothing.
I ever anticipated, ever thought would be mine.
Even now I wonder if it will escape me.

What I did, I did finally because I had to,
Whether from need of my own or that of others.
It is finally impossible to live and work only for pay.

I don not know where I’ve come from or where I am going.
Life is like a river, a river without beginning or end.
It’s been my company all my life, its wetness, its insistent movement.

The only wisdom I have is what someone must have told me,
neither to take not to give more than can be simply managed.
A full cup carried from the well.

Photo: A Cup of Sunset by Cren

Which Way

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Which one are you

and who would know.

Which way

would you have come this way.

And what’s behind,

beside, before,

If there are more,

why are there more.

–Robert Creeley

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