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Japanese Robot Creepiness (via Webner House)

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This is creepiness to my wit’s end….

Japanese Robot Creepiness The Japanese seem to be leading the world in robotics, and in particular in attempts to develop an android — that is, a robot that possesses human features. One of the latest ventures in that regard is the Telenoid R1, created by a professor at Osaka University.  Oddly, it is marketed as a kind of telecommunications tool.  The concept is that people will respond to the eye and head movements of the android and communicate more effectively and na … Read More

via Webner House


A Visit to Lizland…part two

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More works by inspirational goddess of art Liz Mamorsky.  She subtitles her studio work as “functional and dysfunctional art.”  I have to agree.  Here’s a few just to prove that nothing is impossible…

Ruby Turtle Spills Her Guts, 1998

Little Egypt...Mixed media wall sculpture

La Table Lavande, iconic abstract, 2005

Dancer, mixed media reindeer table

Lagomorphine, mix media robot wall sculpture, 2010

Have to confess…I like that reindeer table!  Call me weird….please….


Working away…

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Here I am diligently working…..

leave me alone!!

Just kidding…

Artwork called The Workstation 2  by Jujika

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