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by Christopher Courtley

She stalks the shadows of my mind
And the dreams she leaves behind
Taunt me with her memory
Haunting nightmarish ecstasy.

A sickly lust, a prick of fear–
The night descends and brings her here
Naked and untouched by man
A moon-white virgin courtesan.

She is all and I am hers
Abject slave to a heart that stirs
For no one–so I nightly sit
In paradises counterfeit.

Loving her is poisoned bliss
Her kiss is death and still I kiss;
So banish sun and harsh daylight
And come sweet angel of the night–

Come upon the moonlight’s streaming
Come and light my darkest dreaming
Come and fill my veins with pleasure–
All I want, and all I treasure.

From Thirteen Black Roses: Gothic Romantic Poetry
by Christopher Courtley

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Theme Thursdays – Couples

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Rooms to dream in…

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dream 2



dream5Hard to pick a favorite… have one?

All images via Pinterest

A Short Film for Friday…

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On the less than stellar evenings when the TV will not deliver something interesting, reading and writing burn-out challenges me, and online trekking becomes a chore, I’ve been setting myself down for some short film views on You Tube. There’s some fascinating and really creative stuff out there…unknown to most unless you take the time to look through.

Came across this short film when watching a trailer of The Debt. It’s called Delivery Man and stars a younger Sam Worthington (swoon)and Susie Porter. It has a bit of a paranormal twist, which I love, yet is romantic with some spicy delivery from the actors. And a great kiss….

Presented here in four parts.



Beds to Adore…

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Though I feel essentially well-rested, these inspire me to dive in and …. sleep…

I have a passion for iron beds….and the spirals are perfection here…

Slim Paley’s comfy Sun Valley bedroom makes one wish to retire early tonight….

A girl’s fantasy….

Romance found at Lilac Silhouette.

And a final bed….a dream-like canopy….


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