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A Drug to erase memories…

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drug to erase memories Tumblr picFound this little picture on Tumblr the other day and cannot resist thinking about it still… I would absolutely love to erase some memories, perhaps all of high school, and a few years after that as well, when I think this Wit’s brain malfunctioned because of the men she was with…but I digress…

Mainly this sci-fi-like drug was successfully tested on rats and mice by the Scripps Research Institute in Florida… (One has to wonder how researchers could know, like, did the rats forget they were rats or something?)… This drugs purpose is to help recovering addicts, human addicts that is, and people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

But dare we have hope for the Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind?–can those who suffer turmoil caused by, let’s say, a past relationship, have hope to expurge the memory of this certain regrettable time?

Like I said, I have a few relationships I’d like to forget, a few years I’d like to erase. Who wouldn’t?

Emergence Theories

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emergenceA part of philosophy, emergence theories of the development of some phenomenon (for example life consciousness) where something emerges out of a background from which it could not have been predicted and in terms of which it cannot be fully explained.  What emerges may be a law of nature, or a science, though this would normally be because of emergent properties in the relevant sphere. The existence of emergence theories contrasts with reductionism in the relevant sphere.

Close to this in theory in holism, a philosophical view which emphasizes the whole of something as distinct from its parts. This doctrine says that the whole in question cannot be explained in terms of its parts (emergence theories). Also connected is the 17th and 18th century theory of vitalism.

Source: Dictionary of Theories

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Review: Inside of a Dog (via Doggerel)

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Great review of an interesting book…

Review: Inside of a Dog I’m an avid reader of book reviews, and I first heard of this wonderful book in the New York Times Book Review. Critic Cathleen Schine gives a fair and warm review of the book, writing that author Alexandra Horowitz is keen on dropping “some lovely observation, some unlikely study, some odd detail that causes one’s dog-loving heart to flutter … Read More

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Ophthalmic Photography (via Eyeballs By Day, Crafts By Night)

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The mysteriousness of the inner eye….what I could have only imagined, here in pictures….

Ophthalmic Photography I get a lot of questions about what exactly I do, and a lot of confused looks when I introduce myself as an ophthalmic photographer.  I work in a unique and interesting field photographing the insides of people’s eyes, specifically the retina. The retina lines the back wall of the eye and is responsible for our detailed vision.  My imaging of the retina provides the  doctors with crucial information that allows them to diagnose and treat retinal … Read More

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Japanese Robot Creepiness (via Webner House)

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This is creepiness to my wit’s end….

Japanese Robot Creepiness The Japanese seem to be leading the world in robotics, and in particular in attempts to develop an android — that is, a robot that possesses human features. One of the latest ventures in that regard is the Telenoid R1, created by a professor at Osaka University.  Oddly, it is marketed as a kind of telecommunications tool.  The concept is that people will respond to the eye and head movements of the android and communicate more effectively and na … Read More

via Webner House

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