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Pandora’s box…

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everyone’s got secrets…

What’s in yours?

Moonstruck…or Are We Just Crazy?

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Ahhh…the moon…on Saturday night was exceptional…Took this shot with my new Sony Cyber-shot 12.1 mega pixel.  It was a warm, breezy night…

“The root word for both “moon” and “mind” was the Indo-European manas, or men, representing the ‘wise blood’ in women, governed by the moon.  Other extentions of this root include: words of mentality, menstrual, menology, mensuration, mentor, menage (a matrilineal household), omen (a revelation from the moon), and amen (the moon of rebirth).  

Its derivative mania used to mean ecstatic revelation, just as lunacy used to mean possession by the spirit of Luna, the moon.    To be “moon-touched” or “moon-struck” meant to be chosen by the Goddess;  a “moon-calf” was one carried away by love of her.  When patriarchal thinkers belittled the Goddess, these words came to mean mere craziness.  The moonstruck person was described as “silly,” a word that formerly meant “blessed,” possibly derived from Selene, the Moon.”

So we’re not crazy, are we?  Perhaps we are wisdom filled, blessed Lunatics.  I like that…and I love, love, love the moon. 

Source: Women Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets

Out of the Ashes: The Symbolic Story of Cinderella

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We again find our fairy tales are so much more than kids stories.  “The fairy tale fo the cinder-maid originated as an anti-ecclesiastical allegory repeated by real ‘fairies’ –that is, pagans.”  Ella was the daughter of Mother Earth and her ugly stepsisters were considered the church’s darlings, the military aristocracy and the clergy. 

“An early German version of the story said Cinderella’s real mother, the Earth, though dead, sent from her grave a fairy tree in answer to her daughter’s prayer.  This tree produced golden apples, fine clothes, and other gifts.”  Thus the “fairy godmother” of the tale may have been the ghost of the mother. 

Beautified with her new riches, Cinderella won the “prince” who represents mankind, and their union was symbolized by fitting her foot into a shoe, which was a common sexual allegory.  The Eleusinian Mysteries signified sacred marriage by placing a phallic object in a woman’s shoe.  The glass slipper perhaps stood for the Crystal Cave by which pagan heroes entered. 

Like other secret medieval prophecies of the overthrow of the rich, powerful theocracy, the downfall of Cinderella’s ugly stepmother and stepsisters may have been intended as a prophecy.”

Source: The Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets

Photo: Cinderella by Citron Rouge at Deviant Art

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