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kissour bones
like stems into the sky
will forever cry

~Charles Bukowski


Altar of Souls

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altar of souls

The custom of burying relics of saints under an altar began with a misunderstanding of scripture: “I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God.” (Revelation 6:9)  This was loosely based on a pagan teaching, that the souls of those who are enlightened will become stars in heaven. The most recently deceased stand on the border of the sky, under the constellation of the Altar, which lies close to the horizon as seen from Mediterranean latitudes.


Lovers…by the river…

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Love had swept me clean
and filled me with poetic silence.

I tried to repeat your strength,
I tried to whisper it still.

I stood strong in the un-poetic wind
and sought only, simply, to remember
those things.

Your arms, the river, the light
a raging smile…
and the kiss.

It echoes through me still
even you so far away, so far away…

Today the sky was so blue
and the clouds a deep utterance,
a swiftness of light.

And yet, I saw you there, like the
old man saw you there
by the river…waiting.

I fell.

And you caught me.

Morning jog…

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Went for a jog this morning…in the beautiful fog…Caught these golfers early out despite the low visibility.


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