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Some song, or something, through me…

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Birdsong brings relief

to my longing.

I am just as ecstatic as they are,

but with nothing to say!

Please, universal soul, practice

some song, or something, through me!



Then down I’ll lie, as cold as clay…

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My silks and fine array,
My smiles and languish’d air,
By love are driv’n away;
And mournful lean Despair
Brings me yew to deck my grave:
Such end true lovers have.

His face is fair as heav’n
When springing buds unfold;
O why to him was’t giv’n
Whose heart is wintry cold?
His breast is love’s all worship’d tomb,
Where all love’s pilgrims come.


Bring me an axe and spade
Bring me a winding sheet;
When I my grave have made
Let winds and tempests beat:
Then down I’ll lie, as cold as clay.
True love doth pass away!

Song by William Blake
From Poetical Sketches

Lily Cole for Vogue UK

He records a little song for a Smoking Girl…

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Smoking all that much has got her eyes
Pinched and a little lined – so the misery
Of cigarettes deserves a song. Prize
For doing anything, catastrophe
In small doses, smoke cuts into a face
Almost as deep as Benzedrine and booze.

Still she’s a lovely girl in every place
Because she is so young. O she will lose
Her surfaces of head in love and time
Though all the rest stay smooth and be close-pored.
Her legs would make a blind man smile, and rime –
Her belly and the thing in sweet accord
Years from now will cry, Forgive, forgive
My cigarettes, I swallowed smoke alive.

~James Whitehead

image Girl Smoking

Themed Thursday – Ordinary World

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Heard this song this morning…loved it way back when…not sure if this is really a theme for Thursday, but my inspiration fell this way anyway…Hit play and scroll…if you wish…

…As I try to make my way, through the ordinary world, I will learn to survive…



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