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At three a.m….

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BEDROOM_by_fabienbosAt three a.m. you feel you must leave, but you are unable to find one shoe. You hold the other in your hand, a rose-coloured slipper. I see one half buried near me and pick it up.  The sheen of it.  They are obviously favourite shoes, with the indentation of your toes.  Thank you, you say accepting it, as you leave, not even looking at my face. 

I believe this.  When we meet those we fall in love with, there is an aspect of our spirit that is historian, a bit of a pedant, who imagines or remembers a meeting when the other had passes by innocently…

…all parts of the body must be ready for the other, all atoms must jump in one direction for desire to occur. 

~Michael Ondaatje
The English Patient

One of the best books ever!

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Since the stars have fallen…

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Stars_by_DerTyrannSince the stars have fallen from heaven and our highest symbols have pales, a secret life holds sway in the unconscious.  That is why we have psychology today, and why we speak of the unconscious. All this would be quite superfluous in an age or culture that possessed symbols. Symbols are spirit from above, and under those conditions the spirit is above too.  Therefore it would be a foolish and senseless undertaking for such people to wish to experience or investigate an unconscious that contains nothing but silent, undisturbed sway of nature.  Our unconscious, on the other hand, hides living water, spirit that has become nature, and that is why it is disturbed.  Heaven has become for us the cosmic space of the physicians, and the divine empyrean a fair memory of things that once were.  But “the heart glows,” and a secret unrest gnaws at the roots of our being.

~from The Nature and Activity of the Psyche, by C.G. Jung

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this mirror inside me shows…

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This mirror inside me shows…
I can’t say what, but I can’t not know!

I run from body, I run from spirit.
I do not belong anywhere.

I’m not alive!
You smell the decay?

You talk about my craziness.
Listen rather to the honed-blade sanity I say.

This gourd head on top of a dervish robe,
do I look like someone you know?

~from Rumi, The Shape of My Tongue

The “familiar spirit”- do you believe?

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Further exploration into the belief in angels:

Biblical angels were “sons of God” who came to earth to beget children on mortal women (Genesis 6:4). Later these were called demons, or “fallen” angels. The Book of Enoch blames women for the angels’ fall. Women had “led astray the angels of heaven.”  In the Magic Papyri (a collection of exorcisms, invocations, charms, and spells widely circulated during the early Christian era), the words angel, spirit, god, and demon were interchangeable. When St. Paul said women’s heads must be covered in church “because of the angels” (1 Corinthians 11:10), he meant the daemones supposed to be attracted to women’s hair.  The Greeks thought that each person had an individual guardian angel or daemon which could appear in animal form, and under Christianity evolved into the “familiar spirit.”  There were no really well-defined distinctions between angels, demons, familiars, fairies, elves, saints, genii, ancestral ghosts, or pagan gods.  Among supernatural beings one might always find many hazy areas of overlapping identities, even “good” or “evil” qualities being blurred.

A Gallup poll showed in 1978 that over half of Americans still believe in angels.

Do you believe?

My official 13 days of Halloween will start tomorrow and continue through All Saints Eve. Consider today’s a warm-up post…I promise more haunted, scary, and hopefully fun posts to follow.

Today’s images:
Cemetery Angels by midnightstouch
Angel of Waverly Cemetery via

Source: Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets


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We are perhaps living in dream…and from where do our ideas surge….where do they come from….is there some root, some esoteric origin of thought…a genesis?

Idea: “Inner-Goddess,” by definition. Occult tradition said an idea emanated from the female soul of the world, named Shakti, Shekina, Psyche, or Sophia amoung others.  Her “ideas” were sparks, like a personal muse, “which forms she did in the Heavens above the Stars frame to herself.”

Medieval theologians disliked the Idea’s feminine connotations and instead replaced the feminine “idea” with the masculine “concept” which used to mean the same as conception, from Latin concipere semina, a gathering-up of semen.

Early Christian Gnostics regarded God the Creator as a child of a Mother who created all in his mind, gave him all his “ideas” to make his claim in the material world.  He claimed all these ideas to be his own, ignorant of the very source of inspiration and not acknowledging it.  This notion of course was deemed heretical by the orthodox church to which they forced the adherents to change their minds.

This leaves us where?  Still in wonder as to where and idea comes from….but always thankful that this spirit of idea lives in us all…

Image: Sophia by Saiaii at Deviant Art.
Article source: Book of Myths and Secrets

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